Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Quick Hadith 133


Abu Umamah RA narrates from Rasulullah SAW that he said:

"The most envied person in my sight among my friends is that believer who has:

(a) Little wealth;

(b) A share (he observes concentration) in Solat;

(c) Worships Allah and obeys Allah (even) in secret;

(d) Is not popular among people and fingers are not pointed towards him (people do not refer to him);'

(e) His sustenance is sufficient and he is patient (content) on that.

Then Rasulullah SAW flipped his finger and said:

" (The above referred person) passes away quickly (as explained by flipping his finger), there are few to mourn his death and he has few heirs." " (Mishkat: Mi'raj)


Ka'b ibn Ayaaz RA narrates that Rasulullah SAW said:

"Verily for every Ummah there was a Fitnah (test) and the test of my Ummah is (excessive) wealth." (Mishkat: Mi'raj)


With regards to the first Hadith, the Ulama have explained that, such a person depicted, will Alhamdulillah attain a peaceful life in this world as well as earn his Hereafter well.

The second Hadith helps us to comprehend that excessive wealth can be very useful as well as harmful. It can be likened to a sailing boat. Until the boat is in the sea, it will sail well and once the water comes into the boat it will sink. The heart is like a boat and wealth is like the water from the ocean. Just as water from the ocean could cause the boat to sink, so too can the unregulated love of wealth in the heart cause the heart to sink and become, oblivious towards one's obligations to Allah. This is the analogy given to us by the Ulama.

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