Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Quick Hadith 132


Hadhrat Abu Umamah RA narrates that Rasulullah SAW said:

"‘My Rabb (Lord) offered me that He will convert for me the land of Makkah into gold. I said, 'No, my Rabb, instead I wish to fill my belly one day and remain hungry the other day. When I fill hungry, I may humble myself before you and remember you and when I fill my belly I may praise you and be grateful to you.' " (Mishkat: Mi'raj)


Ubaidullah ibn Hisan RA narrates that Rasulullah SAW said:

"That person among you who commences the morning (day) having Imaan (faith) in him, blessed in his body (good health), he has the day’s meal, verily, the entire world has been collected for such a person." (Mishkat: Mi'raj)


Truly - what is it in this life that a person is short of ? He has the greatest blessing of Imaan, without which everything else is meaningless. Look at the life of a disbeliever having almost everything - wealth, health, etc. but he is groping in the darkness of disbelief in search of content and peace.

The person has good health - for without good health, he feels miserable and in many instances dependant on others. The person has his day’s food. Many people suffer poverty and hunger and have nothing to eat for days on end. Thus, such a person should ponder upon the bounties of Allah by reflecting on the negative aspects of not having these bounties and be thankful to Allah.

In truth - we should admire a person superior to us in religious matters; and we should ponder upon those who are inferior to us in worldly wealth. Look at a person without shelter sleeping on the street and thank Allah for the 'hut' he has given us. Do not envy the person with a palace and break our hut.

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