Monday, 19 March 2007

Aqidah 107

Just as all the elements, like jewels, organs, bodies, brains, skies, earths, stars, planets, etc. were created by Allah - The Most Powerful, and all of them were brought from non-existence into existence so too; was their effects, specialities and qualities, brought from non-existence into existence. If anything is wide, then it is owing to Allah's ability of creating. If some thing is made up of different constituents, then also it is owing to Allah's ability of creating. If any element is hot, then it is so owing to Allah's command and if any element is cold then it is so owing to Allah's command. Just like how fire and water are bestowed by Allah, the heat in fire and the coolness in water are all owing to Allah's creation. Nothing can be hot or cold merely on its own doing. In short, the being and qualities and their specialities of everything is only possible through Allah Ta'ala.

Just as Allah Ta'ala is the Master of the creation of the elements - i.e. that when Allah desires, Allah brings it onto existence: so too, is Allah the Master of the specialities and qualities of these elements. When Allah desires then Allah may remove the quality of an element. For example, If Allah wishes to remove the quality of heat from fire for any special and chosen servant of His, then Allah has the ability to do it. Allah has full control of creating the ability of heat in fire or to remove that same quality.

The quality, ability and speciality of everything is created by only Allah Most High. It is not that Allah Ta'ala created fire and the quality of heat came on its own in fire. In fact, Allah is responsible for creating this quality in the fire. It is not that Allah Ta'ala created man and the qualities of discernment and senses came about in man on their own. These qualities in man are also the creation of Allah Ta'ala. All these qualities are completely subservient to the Will and Command of Allah Ta'ala. It projects neither too much nor too little, but rather in exactly the required amount desired by Allah Ta'ala. If Allah Ta'ala wills, fire will burn, otherwise not. Just as the creation of the qualities of everything is dependant upon the Will and creation of Allah Ta'ala, so too is their existence and continuity. As long as Allah Ta'ala desires the quality of a thing to lasts, then it will last. When Allah decides it to be removed, it will be removed.

Just as an intelligent person sees the reaction of any mineral, and he/she intelligently concludes that the resultant effect of this mineral was not due to its own doing but rather it was due to its reaction with another, similarly, any intelligent and wise person, when he/she sees all the occurrences and movements of the universe will naturally conclude that all this is not occurring on its own, but rather it is done through the intervention and creation of some Doer. All these occurrences are in actual fact a concealment of the actual Creator - Allah SWT: The Most High, The Most Powerful.

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