Sunday, 18 March 2007

The Hair of Rasulullah SAW 0300

To introduce the Ahadith in this series, let us start by clarifying that there are many narrations on the length of the hair of Rasulullah SAW. Variations in their content is not a sign of any contradiction because the hair is the thing that grows. So perhaps a certain Sahabi would have met Rasulullah SAW at a particular time when his (SAW) hair was longer, and there was also another time when another Sahabi went to meet Rasulullah SAW at a time when his (SAW) hair was shorter. Therefore - it should be clear in our minds that variations in the description of the hair of Rasulullah SAW is acceptable.

If at one time the hair of Rasulullah SAW reached the lobes of the ears, then another time it was longer. It also has been authentically narrated that Rasulullah SAW shaved the hair of his head several times, particularly for Hajj and Umrah. A person who relates about Rasulullah SAW's hair at an earlier time states he had short hair. The one that relates it at a time later than that, states he had longer hair. Some Ulama who specialised in detailed studies relating to the physique of Rasulullah SAW have concluded that the hair of Rasulullah SAW, above the forehead used to reach till half his ears, and the hair of the middle of his mubarak head was longer than that, and the hair of the back of the head reached till near his shoulders.

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