Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Time Limit For Musafirs ?

There is no time limit for a Muslim in becoming a Musafir.

Thus there is no difference between a person who travels on a built up highway or a person who travels on a gravel road in any township. It does not matter whether the person makes a return trip within one day or even half a day.

The limit is only the distance i.e. 88 km; and the travelling must be for a purpose which is lawful in Shari'ah, of which the lightest is - permissible recreation e.g. taking the family and wife to a place of natural beauty like hill, mountains and waterfalls.

A Muslim cannot perform Jama'-Qasr solat when the journey is for a purpose which will bring Allah SWT's displeasure e.g. attending a rock concert, an extravagant wedding which ignores the boundaries of the Shari'ah or a football match to name a few.

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