Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Sunan Hudaa & Sunan Zawaaid

With regards to the practices and habits of Rasulullah SAW, there are generally two types of Sunnats:

1. Sunan Hudaa; and
2. Sunan Zawaaid.

Examples of Sunan Huda include: the performance of the Sunnat Muaqad Solat before and after a Fardhu Solat. The beard also falls in the same category of Sunan Hudaa as the Prophet SAW had reprimanded people who did not keep beards, even non-Muslims.

A Sunan Zawaaid can be defined as an "extra" sunat i.e. the definition of Sunat that most of us are more accustomed too. These refer to practices which the Prophet Muhammad SAW did not make any reprimand e.g. Tahajjud, Nawafil Solat and wearing a Jubah.

The scholars of Islam have integrated all sources and evidences from Ahadith and have concluded that the reprimanding of Rasulullah SAW is regarded as an expression of compulsion.

A Muslim must thus live according to the laws of Islam following what has been preserved and prescribed, and not mere practices to suit one's taste of how Islam should be understood and practiced.

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