Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Encouragement For Women To Use Henna

Aishah RA narrates that Hinda, the daughter of Utbah RA said:

"Oh Prophet of Allah, grant me Bai'at (allegiance)."

Rasulullah SAW replied:

"I will not grant you Bai'at until you change your palms (apply Henna).(Mishkat)

Aishah RA states that a woman behind a curtain presented a letter to Rasulullah SAW.

Rasulullah SAW withdrew his hand saying:

"I do not know if this is a males' hand or a female's hand."

The woman then replied.

Rasulullah SAW then said:

"If you were a female you would have changed your nails (by applying Henna)."(Ibid)

In view of the above quoted Ahadith, one of the reasons for females applying Henna (natural die) is to distinguish her hands from that of a male. That can be best achieved by applying Henna on the palms and the nails. That can also be achieved by applying Henna on only the palms or only on the nails.

Nevertheless, this is not a stringent requirement for Muslim ladies.

However, a female who has immense love for Rasulullah SAW would also endeavour to emulate the illustrious Sahabiah RA - the ladies of his (SAW) Era.

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