Thursday, 7 December 2006

Are Wedding Parties Permissible ?

Under all circumstances in Islam, free-mixing of Non-Mahram men and women is Haraam. There is no concession for it under any particular situation or function whatsoever.

Any feast must put the above ruling in mind and practice. Any individual who is an organiser and sponsor of any feast not abiding the above ruling will take the burden of all the sins committed by all the invitees intentionally and unknowingly when free-mixing occurs and when any Shari'ah of Allah SWT is transgressed.

As a reminder, in Islam, a Nikah is simple. It is not a flamboyant ceremony. The couple should wear the Islamic attire at all times. Let us know that even the Prophet Muhammad SAW was unaware of the walimah of some of his closest Companions RA.

Irrespective of that, let us understand that announcing a Nikah is one thing; merry-making without limitations is another thing. The latter is Haraam.

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