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The Dress Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW - Part 2 of 4


Qurrah bin Ilyaas RA relates:

"I came with a group from the tribe of Muzeenah to make bai'ah (pay allegiance) to Rasulullah SAW. The button loop of Rasulullah SAW's qamis (top dress) was open. I put my hand in the collar of Rasulullah SAW's qamis to touch the Seal of Prophethood (to gain Barakah)."


When he visited Rasulullah SAW Qurrah bin Ilyaas RA found the collar of Rasulullah Sallallahu SAW's qamis open. It is characteristic of one who loves, that every act of his beloved sinks into his heart.

The Sahabi - Urwah RA, who is a narrator of this says:

"I have never seen Mu'aawiyah (bin Qurrah - RA) and his son button up their collars. Be it summer or winter, their collars were always open."

Their love for Rasulullah SAW has given us a glimpse of each and every act and deed of the beloved Rasul of Allah, SAW.


Anas bin Maalik RA reports:

"Rasulullah SAW came out of his house with the assistance of Usaamah bin Zayd. At that time he was wrapped in a Yamaani printed sheet. Rasulullah SAW came and led the Sahabah in prayer."


In the kitab - Daar Qutni, it has been stated that this incident took place when Rasulullah SAWwas ill. For this reason he was assisted by Usaamah bin Zayd RA. It is possible that it was the time of Rasulullah SAW's illness before his death.

Imam Tirmidhi RA has written a surprising incident on the sanad (chain of narrators) of this Hadith, from which we can gauge the intense love of the Muhadditheen (Scholars of Hadith) for the Ahadith, and their detachment from this unstable and materialistic world.

Muhammad bin Al-Fadl RA says:

"Yahya bin Mu'een (who is a great Imaam and scholar of Hadith -some Ulama have said that he has written ten Lakh i.e. 100,000 Ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW with his own hands) asked me - as soon as I sat down (when visiting him) - about this hadith. I started reciting it to him. He said: "I desire you to read it out from your kitaab so that it may be more satisfying"."

Muhammad bin Al-Fadl RA says:

"I stood up to go inside and fetch the kitaab. He caught me by my qamis and said: "First dictate it to me from memory, so that I may write it down. There is no surety of life and death. It is possible I may meet you or I may not meet you again. You may repeat it from the kitaab later."

Muhammad bin Al-Fadl RA says:

"I recited it to him from memory, then brought the kitaab and read it out again from the kitaab."

AllahuAkbar! Let us take heed from the piety of our glorious Predecessors. Yahya bin Mu'een RA did not have that little assurance that either of them would live till he went inside to get a kitaab and return. His love for the Ahadith was such that he did not even like to wait till the kitaab was brought from inside the room.


Abu Sa'eed Khudri RA says:

"When Rasulullah SAW put on a new garment, he would in happiness mention that garment's name. For example - Allah Ta'ala gave me this qamis, 'amaamah (turban), sheet, (etc.) then recited this Du'a:

"Allahumma lakal hamdu kama kasauw- tanihi, as-aluka khayrahu wa-khayra ma-suni'a lahu wa-a'u- dhu bika min sharrihi wa-sharri ma-suni'a lahu."


"Oh Allah, all praise and thanks to You for clothing me with this (garment). I ask You for the good of it and the good of what it was made for, and I ask Your protection from the evil of it and the evil of what it was made for." ."


The goodness and badness of a garment is evident and - "for the good and bad for which it was made" - means for summer and winter, elegance etc. For whatever reason it is worn, the goolness in it is that it may be used to obtain Allah's pleasure, like performing Ibaadah (religious devotions) with it. To use it for a bad cause would be in disobeying Allah or to create pride, arrogance etc.


Anas bin Maalik RA says:

"The sheet (body wrap) most liked by Rasulullah SAW was the Yamaani printed sheet."


The above narration seems to contradict the Hadith where it is stated that Rasulullah SAW preferred wearing the qamis (kurtah) the most. The Ulama have given many explanations for this. The simplest explanation for this is that there is no difference - that is, the Prophet Muhammad SAW liked the qamis very much and the sheet too. It could also be said that among ordinary clothing that are worn, the Prophet SAW liked the qamis the most, and from the ones that are used for outer covering, the Prophet SAW liked the sheet the most. It has also been stated that for purposes of evidence, this is a much stronger Hadith.Some Ulama have taken the first Hadith for the different types of clothing, among which Rasulullah SAW liked the qamis most, and this Hadith - with regards to coloured clothing,the Prophet SAW liked the coloured printed sheet the most. Some narrators have marked that this very sheet was green in colour. The object of discussion is that, among the colours - green was liked the most, as it is the colour of the clothing in Jannah (Paradise).

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