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Some Rules Pertaining To Conflict & Warfare

What the Traditional Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Say on the Following Issues

September 11 Attacks

Whoever was responsible for the 9/11 tragedy is guilty of a great injustice – even if he was a Muslim.

Why Most Muslims Don't Condemn The "Perpetrators" of the Attack

The Muslims have not condemned this attack simply because they believe that the accused are not responsible for this attack.

Why Is It As If Muslims Generally Do Not Condemn The Attack

Many Muslims have condemned these attacks but since they don't control the bulk of the media, their voices of condemnation are either played down or not reported at all.

Is Suicide Bombing Permissible in Islam?

Generally, suicide bombings is not permissible anywhere, not even in the war field or in public places. However, the ruling for a specific situation may differ.

Is It Permissible To Kill Any Non-Muslim?

The statement, 'promoting killing of non-Muslims' is vague and sweeping and
is very much open to misinterpretation. Yes, Rasulullah SAW promoted the killing of those non-Muslims who are actively engaged in destroying Islam and the Muslims. This is the command of Allah Ta'ala Himself in the Qur'an. This type of killing is not simply permissible, but commendable and worthy of reward. This does not mean that Islam teaches to kill all non-Muslims.

We must understand that in Islamic Jurisprudence, if, for example, a Muslim intentionally kills a non-Muslim citizen of the Islamic state – then in retribution - the Muslim's life will be taken. This indicates that even the life of a non-Muslim is sanctified, if he does not oppose Islam and the Muslims.

Is It Good That Muslims "Support" Hitler?

Islam has ordered us Muslims to fight against the enemies of Islam and not be like the Jew and make other nations fight their wars. We as Muslims may share in Hitler's hatred for the Jews but we cannot praise him for the manner in which he went about killing the Jews (if the history books are correct that is). But rather we as Muslims are governed by the Shariah which prohibit the killing of the old and the weak etc.

Is It Permissible To Kill A Disbeliever If He / She Does Not Accept Islam?

It is not permissible to kill a disbeliever if he / she does not accept Islam. However, in a situation of jihad, if the disbelievers are conquered, they will be invited to Islam. If they refuse to accept Islam, they will be ordered to give Jizyah (tax). If they refuse to give Jizyah, then only will they be killed.

The life of every human being is sacred.

It is not permissible to take away the life of any human being even though he / she is a non-Muslim without the conditions stipulated in Shariah.

What Is The Ruling on Jihad? Is It Fardhu 'Ain, Fardhu Kifayah etc.?

The issue of Jihad being Fardhu 'Ain or not is a major issue with great implications. Nevertheless, if the position of Jihad being Fardhu 'Ain or not is decided, it must be conveyed. However, the important issue is about reaching that decision. All the Fuqaha (expert scholars in Fiqh) have set down rules and conditions of Jihad when it will be considered Fardhu 'Ain or Fardhu Kifayah. It is important to assess the conditions as well as circumstances of the Ummah before issuing a decree. It does not behove any one scholar to issue such an important decree. This requires consultation, advise and insight of learned and wise people. It will be irresponsible for any one individual to issue a ruling on such a matter by himself. Allah SWT states: "And the matter of the Muslims is with mutual consultation".

When Would A Place Considered Darul Harb? (A state where evil non-Muslims rule)

A place may be classified as Darul Harb if the following conditions are found:

a) The government implements total un-Islamic law in the country, to such an extent that Muslims are not able to practice their religion freely.

b) This state is surrounded by other states with similar conditions (un-Islamic) and not surrounded by an Islamic state.

c) Peace and safety of Muslims is in danger. They may be attacked at anytime, because of them being deprived of safety from the side of the government.

If the above criteria are fulfilled, a state may be called Darul Harb.

However, in default in any of the conditions it may not be considered as Darul Harb, hence, all the laws pertaining to Darul Harb may not apply.

What Should Be The Stance Of A Common Muslim With Regards To Kafirs, Jihad etc.?

We should understand that we as Muslims firmly believe that the person who doesn't believe in Allah as he / she is required to, is a disbeliever who would be doomed to Hell eternally. Thus one of the primary responsibilities of the Muslim ruler is to spread Islam throughout the world, thus saving people from eternal damnation.

If a country doesn't allow the propagation of Islam to its inhabitants in a suitable manner or creates hindrances to this, then the Muslim ruler would be justifying in waging Jihad against this country, so that the message of Islam can reach its inhabitants, thus saving them from the Fire of Jahannam. If the Kuffaar allow us to spread Islam peacefully, then we should not wage Jihad against them.

Are The Jihads In Chechnya and Palestine Legitimate Jihads?

The two Jihads are legitimate Jihads.

The Mujahideen of Chechnya have proven that their aim is to establish Islam, not simply to acquire land. In Palestine, there are many groups. Those fighting to establish Islam are undertaking a correct Shar'i Jihad. Those who do not have Islam as their aim are Munafiqin. Their harm to Islam is even greater than that of Israel.

When The Call of Jihad Is Incumbent, How Should Muslims Fight?

When the Kuffaar are hostile to us than we should fight them completely, just as they fight us completely. We should not hold back anything and put all our resources behind the Jihad.

Is Obtaining The Permission Of Parents Necessary To Go For Jihad?

If Jihaad did not reach a situation of Fardhu 'Ain, then one needs the permission of his parents.

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