Friday, 4 April 2008

Some Importants Injunctions Pertaining To Selective Halal Eating For Muslims

1. If a food producer does not have any certification from a certifying body or organisation, that does not mean that their products are Haram. Neither does it mean that the products are Halal.

2. According to Shariah, if an upright, just Muslim who has knowledge of Halal and Haram and he is sensitive to Deen informs you that a particular item is Halal, then based on his information it will be considered Halal.

3. It is not permissible to accept the information of Non-Muslims in matters of Halal and Haram.

4. Therefore, if a Halal certifying body has classified a store as Halal and there is no Muslim to supervise that factory / store, it will be against ones conscious of Imaan to consume anything from such a factory / store as that creates doubt in ones mind.

5. Rasulullah SAW said in the meaning of one Hadith:

"Halal is Clear and Haram is Clear - between them two is doubt, whoever stays away from doubt will protect his Deen, and whoever follows his doubtful taught will soon fall into Haram."

6. Furthermore, the certifying body should be immediately informed as their certification could deceive those who are not careful. It is important for the certifying bodies to be more vigilant and not issue Halal status to non Muslim owned stores. Relative to other Muslim states / communities, our Malaysian Halal Certificate has low reliability.

7. As a golden rule, whenever in doubt - Always Abstain.

8. There is also a great possibility that the kitchens in which Haram foods are prepared would contaminate the Halal food products.

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