Thursday, 5 July 2007

Du'a Of The Mother - Curse & Blessing

It has been stated in a Hadith that the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

"There are three such people whose Dua's are accepted instantly:

1. The du'a of an oppressed person;

2. The du'a of a traveller;

3. A mother's du'a for her child.

It is narrated that there was once a person who lived before the time of our Prophet SAW. This person was a monk, who used to live in a church, twenty-four hours a day, for seven days a week, and all he got involved in was just worshiping. His name was Juraij.

One day, Juraij was in his worship when his mother came, and called out for him.

Juraij thought to himself:

"My mother? or Allah?"

Under the lines of his commitment to faith, Juraij gave preference to Allah and his prayer and left his mother standing. This happened thrice.

On the third time, his mother got up and cursed him saying:

"May Allah not give you death, until you see a prostitute."

Inside the church, there used to be a shepherd who had committed adultery with a girl. He used to come every now and then from the neighbouring town. When this woman got pregnant and gave birth, she was taken to the presence of the king who ruled the land for explanation. When the king asked her of what had happened, the girl blamed Juraij for being the father of her child. The king then ordered that Juraij's church be demolished, he be handcuffed and be brought to him.

When Juraij was brought to the presence of the king, the king said to him:

"Do you know what this woman is claiming?"

Juraij asked:

"What is she claiming?"

The king responded:

"She claims that her son is from you."

Upon hearing this, Juraij started laughing. After a while, Juraij asked the baby:

"Who is your father?"

The baby replied:

"The shepherd."

Upon the child's response, the king said:

"Oh Juraij, shall we make your church out of gold?"

Juraij replied:


Then the king offered:

"How about silver?"

Juraij replied:

"No. Just restore it to its previous state."

The king then asked:

"Let me ask you one question - why were you laughing?"

Juraij replied:

"This business is between my mother and me."

In a separate narration covering the similar subject but in contrast - it has been reported that once the Prophet Musa AS asked Allah SWT:

"Who will be with me in Paradise?"

Allah SWT replied"

"Such and such person; a butcher he will be."

Musa AS was curious to know which good deed of this person would be so virtuous that he becomes a neighbour of a Prophet. Hence, Musa AS went to spend the day with the butcher to find out what deed it was.

After observation, the Prophet Musa AS found out that every day after work, this personality would go home and clean his mother's waste and feed her food.

Upon this, his mother became very pleased, and used to make du'a for her son:

"May Allah make you the neighbour of a Prophet."

Such is the power of our mother's du'a.

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