Thursday, 5 July 2007

Aqidah 111

Allah SWT is a Speaker.

From time immemorial until eternity, Allah Ta'ala had the ability to speak, and never once was Allah ever without this quality. At any given time, Allah can listen to the entire Creation and reply to each person's Du'as and requests. Allah SWT is never unwary or kept occupied, whilst attending from one side to the other. The Taurat, the Injil, the Zabur, the Al-Qur'an-ul-Karim and all other Divine Scriptures are all manifestations and descriptions of Allah's Speech. The Speech of Allah Ta'ala is one and encompassing. All Divinely revealed Books and Scriptures are pages of Allah's encompassing Speech, that have various effects in their revelations.

Speech is a complete quality of perfection, while dumbness is a fault. All perfect qualities are established for Allah Ta'ala, and He is free and pure from all qualities of fault. Since Speech is an inherent quality of Allah Ta'ala, it is eternal i.e. has always been existent and is not newly acquired. The quality of an eternal Being is also eternal. There are Bid'atees (cursed innovators) who have this view that Allah Ta'ala is 'Mutakallim' (Speaker) in the sense that He creates speech in others. This view is clear ignorance and stupidity. It smacks of misunderstanding of the Arabic language. The word 'Mutaharrik' (something that moves), according to the dictionary means something that has the quality of movement. Something that makes other things move is not called 'Mutaharrik', hence the Creator of speech is not called 'Mutakallim'. One should understand that the Speech of Allah is unlike the speech of others. The entire Muslim Ummat is unanimous on this that Allah Ta'ala speaks. The difference of opinion among the knowledgeable scholars of Islam only arises in the reality and type of speech.

Some say that the Speech of Allah Ta'ala does not comprise of words and sound. The Speech of Allah Ta'ala is a quality of His that is part of His Being, it has neither words nor sound. The Arabic text and calligraphy that we see in the Kitaabs is merely a manifestation and proof of His Eternal Speech, which is a means that allows us to read and listen to his Eternal Speech. The words and letters that allows us to read and listen to Allaah Ta'ala's eternal Speech is just a covering and clothing for it. It is not the actual Speech. Rationally speaking, this explanation is understandable, that an eternal thing can manifest itself in a newly created thing. A new thing cannot contain an eternal thing, but a new thing can be used as a mirror to reflect the qualities of an eternal thing. The sky can be reflected and seen through the pupil of the eye, but the sky can never be contained in the eye. The Auliyaa and Aarifeen are unanimous that the Speech of Allaah Ta’ala is inherent to His Being and does not have words or sound. The Muhadditheen say that the Speech of Allah Ta'ala has words and sound, but these words and sounds are unlike the words and sounds that are found in the Universe. Just like how the Being of Alaah Ta'ala is incomparable, so too is His Speech.

"There is nothing like Him."

The Mutakallimeen say that just as the Being of Allah Ta'ala is unique and incomparable, so too is His quality of Speech. There can be no connection between Him and His created Universe. Allah Ta'ala makes use of the Arabic language as a medium for His servants to understand Him. Words and sounds are a covering for His Speech. Language is a mirror and manifestation to His Speech. The Ayats of the Qur'an, which are made up of words are also a mirror of Alaah Ta'ala's Speech. Therefore according to the Shari'ah it is Waajib to have respect and to honour the Qur'an. It cannot be touched without Wudhu (ablution).

Its recitation should also be carried out with utmost respect. Therefore the Arabic recitation of the Qur'an is a cloth for Allah's incomparable eternal Speech. Let us understand that Allah Ta'ala's unique and incomparable Speech is hidden and concealed behind this veil. The Arabic recitation is not the actual Eternal Speech, but is in fact - the covering.

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