Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Istinja' - Basic Review of Ruling & Method

Istinja' - means cleaning the private parts after passing out urine and stool by using clean water, earth etc. During Istinja', only the left hand is used to cleanse the unclean area.

A person should perform Istinja' after passing out urine, stool etc.

Other than water, it is permissible to use lumps of dry items for Istinja', provided the body is properly cleaned. How ever items like bones, dry filth, food and slippery items e.g. plastic bags - must be avoided.

For passing urine and stool, one should go to a place of privacy (toilet) and squat/seat oneself at ease. After relieving, the private parts should be washed until satisfied that they have become clean.

Males who go to the toilet must prevent themselves from urinating while standing. Anyone who is at the toilet must also ensure that his/her face or back does face the Qiblat when passing urine or stool. We must also make sure that the little children under our care do not face nor show their backs towards the Ka'abah when passing out urine or stool.

Any form of adornment e.g. rings, badges or anything else on which - the name of Allah, His Rasul SAW, any Quranic verses or Hadith are written on the item - must be taken off and kept at a safe place. Should it be difficult to find a suitable place to keep these items, it is permitted to have them kept in the pocket when in the toilet.

At places where toilets are unavailable, and when there is urge - we must be careful so that we do not urinate or pass stool on a public road or path; neither beneath a fruit tree; or never under a tree giving shade or in a well, dam or river. In such open places, we should find a place where we cannot be seen by others.

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