Tuesday, 17 April 2007

How To Perform Solat-ul-Istikharah

When a person wishes to carry out some important work, guidance should be sought from Allah Ta'ala. This seeking of guidance is called - Istikharah.
Nabi Muhammad SAW has mentioned that a person who does not seek guidance from Allah Ta'ala and does not carry out Istikharah is deprived of all good and is unfortunate.
There will InshaAllah be no regret if Istikaarah is made before accepting a proposal for marriage, travel, important business or any other important task.
How To Perform Solat-ul-Istikharah
Firstly, perform two rak'aats of optional prayer with the intention for Istikharah.
Thereafter, upon completing the Solat, praise Allah by saying:
Thereafter recite Salawat upon Nabi Muhammad SAW:

Next, recite the Du'a of Istikharah:

Upon reaching the underlined words, the person maing the du'a should think of the reason and work for which his/her Istikharah is being made.
Thereafter, it is recommended that the person sleep on a clean bedding with Wudhu facing the Qiblah. Upon awaking carry out that task on which the heart is firm. If one cannot reach a solution on the first day, Istikharah should be continued until the seventh day. InshaAllah by this period the doubt will be over.
It should be noted however that Solat-ul-Istikharah should not be made to determine a decision for performing an obligatory act in Shari'ah; e.g. - "should I perform Hajj or not?"
However, within the time spent during Hajj, Istikharah may be made to determine the time of travel for Hajj, e.g. - "When should I travel for Hajj - the first batch of pligrims or the second one?"

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