Sunday, 18 March 2007

The Weeping Of Rasulullah SAW 4404

Abdullah ibn Abbas RA reports that one of the daughters of Rasulullah SAW was on her death bed. Rasulullah SAW picked her up and put her before him. She passed away in his presence.

Ummi Ayman RA began wailing aloud. Rasulullah SAW said:

"Are you crying before the Messenger of Allah?" (because tears were also flowing from the eyes of Rasulullah SAW).

She said:

"Do I not see you cry?"

Rasulullah SAW replied:

"This crying is not prohibited. It is a mercy of Allah". (He softens the hearts of His servants, and creates love and mercy in them).

Rasulullah SAW then said:

"A Muslim is at peace at all times. Even when his soul is being taken out, he is busy uttering the hamd (praises) of Allah."


This episode describes the soft-heartedness of Rasulullah SAW, and that stone-heartedness is contrary to kindness. To have natural love for children is not against the dignity and sanctity of Prophethood. To be soft hearted is praiseworthy.

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