Monday, 19 March 2007

The Sufferings of Khabbab bin Alarat RA

Khabbab bin Alarat RA is one of those blessed Companions of Rasulullah SAW who offered themselves for sacrifice and suffering for the cause of Allah. He was the sixth or seventh person to embrace Islam and therefore - he suffered long.

He was made to put on steel armour and lie in the sun to sweat and swelter. Very often he was made to lie flat on burning sand, which caused the flesh on his back to waste away. Khabbab RA was a slave of a kuffar woman of the Quraysh. When she came to know that he was visiting the Prophet SAW, she used to brand Khabbab RA's head with a hot iron rod.

Umar Al-Khattab RA during his caliphate once inquired Khabbab RA about the details of his sufferings after embracing Islam. Khabbab RA showed the caliph his back; seeing which Umar RA remarked, "I have never seen such a back before". Khabbab RA said, "My body was dragged over heaps of smoldering charcoal, and the blood and fat coming out of my back put out the fire".

It has been narrated that when Islam spread and the Muslims conquered all the surrounding territory, Khabbab RA used to weep and say:

"Allah seems to be compensating us in this world for all our sufferings, and perhaps nothing would be left for us as reward in the Hereafter."

A very famous comprehensive Hadith has come to us preserved through the narration of Khabbab RA:

"The Prophet (SAW) once performed an unusually long raka'at while leading a Solat. When the Sahabah expressed it to him (SAW), he (SAW) said, "This was a Solat of yearning and humility. I asked three boons from Allah. I besought Him: 'O, Allah! Let not my Ummat perish by famine; let not my Ummat be annihilated by an enemy gaining an upper hand on them; and let not my Ummat fight among themselves.' - Allah granted the first two prayers, but not the third one'."

Khabbab bin Alarah RA died in 37 A.H. He was the first of the Sahabah RA to be buried in Kufah - the Muslim capital during the caliphate of Saiyidina Ali RA. Saiyidina Ali RA once upon passing Khabbab RA's grave said:

"May Allah bless and show mercy on Khabbab RA. He embraced Islam willingly. He emigrated with great pleasure in Allah's path, and spent his whole life in striving and suffering for Islam. Blessed is the person who is mindful of the Day of Judgement, prepares for his reckoning, remains contented with very little of this world, and is able to please his Lord."

To be able to please Allah, was really, the Sahabah's greatest achievement, for this was the sole purpose of their life. The Sahabah RA has laid down the example of how the Ummah should lead their lives.

Rasulullah SAW said:

"My companions are like the (guiding) stars in the sky. You will attain the right path (i.e. obtain success) if you follow any of them."

Surely if we don't even have the intention to set them as our examples in life, then how can we even claim to be Muslims? Any deed is based on its intention.

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