Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Noble Character & Habits of Rasulullah SAW 4715

Aishah RA reports that Rasulullah SAW accepted gifts, and also gave presents in return.


It is a sign of complete etiquette, that the feeling of a person is taken into consideration in returning a present. There is no benefit for one in not recompensating a gift. Many a time due to intense love one goes through hardships to give presents. In recompensating a present one is also made happy. It does not result in a loss, but is of benefit. Therefore in some Ahadith instead of "Wa yuthibu minha" (and he recompensated it), "Wa yuthibu khayram minha" (and he recompensated some- thing better than it) is mentioned. From other Ahadith too - this noble habit of Rasulullah SAW is evident, that he gave more in return for a present received.

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