Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Noble Character & Habits of Rasulullah SAW 4714

Rubayyi' bint Mu'awwidh bin 'Afraa RA says:

"I brought to Rasulullah SAW a tray full of dates, and some small cucumbers. Rasulullah SAW gave me a handful of jewellery."


This very short narration displays the generosity of Rasulullah SAW which knows no bounds. Our habits today are so used in the concept - "returning one with what he deserves". That is to say - if another person gives us a simple or not so-expensive gift, while another individual gives us an expensive gift, then we will return that gesture accordingly. This was not the way of Rasulullah SAW. Here his (SAW) superior character and generosity is displayed by the superiority of gifts given.

A Sahabiah RA once expressed: (mafhum)

"From far, Rasulullah SAW was the most handsomest of figures, and from near - he (SAW) is the most beautiful of characters."

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