Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Noble Character & Habits of Rasulullah SAW 4712

Anas ibn Malik RA says:

"Rasulullah SAW did not store anything for the next day."


Whatever he possessed, he fed it to the people till nothing was left. He did not keep anything, thinking that he would need it the next day. This is an example of the complete reliance of Rasulullah SAW on Allah Ta'ala, that what the Lord had given today, He will give it tomorrow too. All this is regarding himself (SAW).

The wives were given their expenses so that they might spend it in the manner they wished. If they wished they could have kept it or distribute it, but they too, being the wives of Rasulullah SAW had this spirit. Once two bags of Dirhams were presented to Aishah RA as a gift - the total of which amounted to more than one hundred thousand Dirhams. She ordered a tray, filled it and distributed it till there was nothing left. At the time she was fasting and had only one piece of bread and olive oil, with which she made Iftaar (opened her fast). The slave girl said, "If we had purchased meat for one Dirham today, we could have broken our fasts with it". She replied, "What is the use of complaining now, if you had reminded me at that time I would have purchased it for you". In the many narrations depicting the lives of the Sahabah RA, many of such incidents of these truthful followers have been compiled. If the meaning of the hadith is, that he did not leave anything for himself nor for his family till the next day, then too it will not be out of place. Such were the spirit of Islam of the people of the past.

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