Monday, 26 February 2007

Quick Hadith 107

Amr ibn Auf RA states that Rasulullah SAW said:

"By Allah, it is not poverty that I fear upon you, but I fear that the world (materialistic things) will be spread before you as it was spread before the nations that preceded you and you will compete with one another (resulting) in the world (materialistic things) destroying you as it destroyed them." (Mishkaat, Qadeemi)


Wealth if not administered according to what is best in Shari'ah creates three evil characteristics:

1. Pride
2. Greed and worldly competition
3. Disobedience to Allah

On the contrary, poverty (if sustained) breathes three good characteristics:

1. Humility
2. Self-concern i.e. not "busy body" nor concerned about the affairs of others
3. Turning towards Allah

The latter three brings about peace and tranquility as opposed to the former three which brings about grief and agony.

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