Sunday, 25 February 2007

Quick Hadith 104

Anas bin Malik RA said:

"Verily Allah does not decrease (the rewards) of a believer. The believer is given (blessings) in lieu of a good deed in the world and will also be rewarded for the good deed in the Hereafter. As regard to the disbeliever, he is given (the blessings) in lieu of (all) his good deeds which he did for the pleasure of Allah in this world (only). When he reaches the Hereafter, there is no good deed that he will be rewarded for." (Mishkaat, Qadeemi)


Allah deals with the believers through his quality of Fadhl (grace) by rewarding them in both worlds and deals with disbelievers through his quality of justice by not depriving them of the benefits of their good deeds in this world. The blessings of good deeds in this world refers to abundance (baraqah) in Rizq, comfort, good health, etc.

Therefore, blessing in one’s life can be easily achieved by being obedient to Allah and performing virtuous deeds.

Many people are in a misconception that worldly blessings are achieved only by worldly standards, for example - business, professionalism, etc. Those who are in the middle of the rat race are excited about reaching the top, thinking that there is peace of mind at its so-called peak. And those at the "peak" find no tranquility nor peace of heart. Instead enormous worries pile on top of their heads.

Indeed, people who follow the prescribed medicine for peace of heart, will be at rest. Thus, people who practice virtuous deeds will experience peace and contentment of heart, and this is the greatest blessings of life. And there is no other alternative or substitute.

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