Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Noble Character & Habits of Rasulullah SAW 4704

Anas bin Malik RA says:

"A person who was wearing yellow coloured clothing was sitting by Rasulullah SAW. It was the habit of Rasulullah SAW not to bluntly express things he did not approve of. (Therefore he kept silent). When that person left, Rasulullah SAW said to those present 'It would have been better if you had told him not to wear yellow clothing'."


Thisis just one narration depicting the great kindness of Rasulullah SAW on the Ummah. He did not usually prohibit anything to an individual, because it was possible that that person may reject it or may become a cause for one to raise an objection, which could lead to kufr. When Rasulullah SAW felt that it would not lead to this, he prohibited that which was undesirable.

It is stated that Rasulullah SAW prohibited Abdullah bin Amr ibnul Aas RA from wearing such clothing. Many other such instances are mentioned in the books of hadith. Also this delaying and not openly prohibiting a thing were only in such circumstances where it was feared to be detrimental or where there was no fear of harm if it was delayed. This method was not adopted where a Haraam thing was committed. It is therefore found in Ahadith that when one transgressed the truth, at that time no one could endure his anger, nor could anybody stop him, till Rasulullah SAW avenged that deed.

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