Friday, 23 February 2007

Aqidah 102



Allah Ta'ala is one. None is His partner or equal, because a partnership is a deficiency and Allah Ta'ala is free from all faults. A partnership is desirable when one is incapable or not self-sufficient, and this is a fault. This would be the antithesis of Divine Existence. And since, HE is independent and capable, then the need for a partner would be superfluous and in vain, and whatever is in vain and wasteful is NOT Allah Ta'ala. Hence, in order to establish and accept a partnership, one has to accept that one of the partners (on his own) is insufficient and incapable. This is the negation of Divinity. In short, we understand that (in this case) by trying to prove a partnership, the opposite is being achieved. Hence, we accept that for Allah Ta'ala to have a partnership is impossible. Now, when we have established that Allah Ta' ala has no partner, then it follows that He has no son, daughter, parents or any other being similar to HIM either. For example, if we accept that Zaid is the son of his father, then although father and son may not look alike, nevertheless, we will still say that Zaid has a connection with the human species. So, if it is said that Allah Ta' ala has a son, then one has to accept that this son is also divine and has a connection with a Divine Being. Then this son would also be an "Allah" like our Allah, Naudzubillah!

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