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Aqidah 101



Allaah Ta'ala, with His ever-existent Being and Qualities is existent by Himself. Besides Him every other thing came into existence by His doing. By His creation every other thing came into being from non-existence into existence. His Being is Himself. Besides His Being and Qualities, every other thing in the universe is newly created, from non-existence into existence.

1. It is for this reason that no thing in the universe remains in one state. It is clear from the fact that these things are targets for changes and alterations and things are on course in disintegrating, disappearing and appearing, this proves that this universe is not existent by itself. In fact its existence and bringing into creation is the work of another Being. Hence, that Great Being, Who is responsible for bringing everything into existence, and Who is the Owner thereof, is the One we call Allah - The Owner of the universe. The original and real Owner is He Alone, in Whose Majestic control is the existence of the entire universe. Understand well that He is the real Owner, the Owner of creation. That one who is not the owner of creation cannot be the real owner.

2. Also, whatever one's sight falls upon from the things in this universe, it has the effects of dependency, insignificance, lowness and helplessness. This will affirm that nothing in this universe is existent by itself. If anything was existent by itself then it would be self-sufficient, and it would not be dependant upon anything.

3. If you look at anything from the sky down to the earth, you will not find nothing that is free from movement (i.e. it is stagnant). There are six types of movements; movement of existence (movement within itself), a troubled movement, a movement of growth, a destructive movement, a changing movement and a movement of place. These things can also be seen by the eye, that all movements are not the same. From this we gather that the movement of anything is not by virtue of itself or choice, in fact it is administered thereupon, by something that is separate from its being. Hence the real Administrator, by whose actions all these movements occur, is Allah Ta'ala, who through the means of this 'puppet show' displays and exhibits His Absolute Power and Control.


It is a well known historical fact that since the beginning of creation until present times, almost every person accepted the existence of a Creator. (Almost) Every religion, creed and community are unanimous on this fact that there exists a Creator. And that He had created this universe by His Choice and Will.

The group that believes in matter (that everything came into existence by itself), who are also known as atheists, refute and reject the existence of a Creator. They claim that there is no reality and truth in the existence of Allaah. They claim that the existence of a Creator is restricted to the minds of man, who had made this up. They claim that man has unnecessarily transferred the control of their actions, speech and conditions, in fact the creation of the entire universe to a supposed Being (Na'udzubillah). They say that it is unnecessary for man to believe in a Great Being. They say that man has resorted to believing in a Super Being due to his fear of the natural occurrences in the universe. They say that there is no necessity to believe in a Creator, simply because of the changes and occurrences that take place in the universe. They say that matter is also existent from time immemorial, and so is its movement and changes. By saying matter they refer to the smallest particles known to man which are called microbes and atoms, etc. They claim that regular changes occur in these micro-particles and over time they give rise to things which make up this universe.

Recent (scientific) research has shown that both the celestial and earthly things that exist in the universe, are essentially constructed from two constituents; matter and its movements. Both these were always existent and they are inextricable. One cannot exist without the other, just like a result is effected by the cause without its choice or intention, so too did this entire universe come into existence. The sky, earth, stars, trees, planets, vegetation, etc., etc. all came into being owing to matter and its movements. For this reason they claim that they do not have to believe in a Creator, nor do have a need for one. They thereby free themselves from (what they believe to be) the clutches and restrictions of adhering to any religion. They do not believe in a Creator and they firmly accept that matter and its resultant effects are the cause of the existence of this universe.

This, then is the claim of the atheists which you have just read, which besides their imagination and estimation amounts to nothing else. It is a completely haughty and arrogant claim, which comprises of absolutely no solid proof.

We, the worshippers of a Creator, say to the atheists that their reasoning for the existence of this universe is nothing else besides an empty claim and fancy imagination. They do not have a shred of evidence for their claim, and we have not found any success in understanding the crux of the matter by using their explanations, as to how this universe came into existence. We would like to know this, that whatever exists in this universe, all the wonderful and strange occurrences that take place with all their secrets and mysteries, which even the experts of science and research cannot fathom - who brought all this and how did all this come into existence? Give us the exact cause for all these effects to take place. One group says this that the perfect administration and regulation of this universe, speaks for itself, by testifying that our Creator and 'Supervisor' is an extremely Knowledgeable, Wise, Powerful and Mighty Being.
The atheists claim that this universe is the result of matter and its coincidental and accidental movements. They also acknowledge that matter is deaf, dumb, blind and without any sensory perception. They say that matter cannot speak, hear, see or think. No action of it is done by its own intention or design. It has no knowledge of planning or designing. Matter is also not bound to any fixed system or strategy. And yet this entire universe with all its beauty and perfect system came into existence by itself?!?

The atheists have taken the deaf, dumb and blind matter as their creator of this universe. They grovel at the feet of an insensitive thing and worship it although they do not call it their god. The worshippers of A Creator say that to accept matter and its coincidental and accidental movements as the result of the existence of this universe is as follows:


For example if a person looks at a book which is beautifully penned, i.e. the calligraphy and contents of this book is extremely beautiful and eloquent, and this person says that all this is not the work of an experienced and expert author and calligrapher, but rather it is the result of ink and its coincidental and accidental movements.


If a person looks at a beautiful palace, which has numerous spacious and impressive rooms, the carpets and light fittings are extremely beautiful, the springs and fountains that grace the gardens are equally as beautiful, and this person says that all this is not the work of an expert engineer and builders, but rather it is the result of the coincidental and accidental mixing of sand and water. This mixture of sand and water gave rise to this beautiful structure, its beautiful interior and lovely garden, all of which came there by themselves. Which person who has any intelligence would accept such drivel? Anyone who talks in this fashion would surely be classified insane.


If one looks at a watch and one observes all the intricate parts thereof, and when one takes note of the accurateness which its movements take place and how it functions so meticulously, then one naturally comes to the conclusion that this is the result and the work of an expert watch-maker. If someone claims that a blind, deaf and dumb person, who has no knowledge or understanding of watch-making, is the one who constructed this watch, then any intelligent human will never accept this statement.

Alternatively, if one claims that a watch is not the work of an expert watch-maker, but that it is the result of the coincidental and accidental movements of matter which gave rise to this form of a watch, and then after further movements of this matter, all the intricacies of the watch was formed, and then all these parts got together by themselves and started functioning, and it gives accurate time. Any listener to this type of drivel will have no other alternative but to burst out laughing.

Which intelligent person can accept that this entire universe with all its intricacies and wonders is the result of the blind and accidental movements of matter?

Our question to you is the following: 'According to you, all this variety and objects (in the universe), are all new, because they were all non-existent previously and then they came into existence later (as science has proven). This then is the reality of a new thing. So if the reason for the existence of this new variety is the ever-existent matter, and its constant and continuous movements, then it follows that all this variety and objects also have to be ever-existent, because since the reason is ever-existent, then the result should also be ever-existent. Yes, if you say that all this variety and objects came about by the choice and intention of matter, then we can say that the resultant effect by the choice of an ever-existent thing is something that is newly created and was never present. However, even you concede that matter does not have any life or senses. So how can all this (universe and its constituents) be newly created?

In short, no rational and intelligent mind can accept that a lifeless thing such as matter which has no senses, is responsible for the creation of this entire universe and all its wonders, and that this system will continue for always.


When one looks at a space, then without any deep contemplation, one will come to this conclusion that there MUST be a Creator for all this. Will one not come to this definite conclusion that the Creator of this space whose floor is the earth and ceiling the sky, is a Most Powerful, Knowledgeable, All-Knowing and Wise Being?

The question now remains that who is this Creator and where is He? It will be very foolish and asinine to aver that one cannot believe merely because one cannot see. Seeing is not a condition for believing. Everyone accepts the existence of the mind and soul, but to date no one has ever seen the mind or soul with their naked eye. Not seeing something does not negate its existence. The mind issues a decree behind its veil, and people bow down to this order with heads lowered. Nobody ever says that since we have not seen the mind we cannot accept any of its orders. Scientists must tell us if they ever witnessed matter and its movements, (which according to them is the reason for this entire creation). They have never done so nor will they ever do so. They claim that since they cannot see a thing they will not believe therein. Where then is this principle of theirs, whereby they deny the existence of Allaah Ta'ala. It is due to these type of principles that they deny the existence of the Akhiraah (Hereafter), and they have no proof for this denial.

Those people who are besotted with the acceptance of (only) the visible and perceptible, and are not acquainted with insight and contemplation, believe that nothing can be created without other things. Just like how one human being cannot be born except through another human being or one animal through the medium of another. In the same way they feel that this universe came into existence because of the interaction of matter and not that it was created from total non-existence.

This contention is completely incorrect. These people have based their reasoning and rationale of Allaah Ta'ala on that of human beings, in that just as a carpenter or a potter is dependant upon wood and clay respectively, in order to make furniture or pottery, so too, Na'udzubillah, is Allaah Ta 'ala dependant upon matter for the bringing into existence of this universe.

These people also accept that the non-static and constantly changing things of this universe, like figures, lines, embellishments, designs and decorations are not the product of any (solid) thing (matter), in fact, they are things which have come into existence from a state of non-existence. So if these things have come into existence without the interference of man and they are created without the medium of matter, then why is it that they cannot accept that the Beauty and Being of Allah Ta'ala is Ever-Existent and will always be in Existence?

We now understand that this concept that anything that is existent must be created from something else that is also existent is Baatil (rejected). It is for this reason that to create and bring into existence is the Special Quality of Allah Ta'ala. To create a thing would mean to bring it into existence from non-existence.

This entire universe was first non-existent and then with the Word from Allah Ta'ala, "Kun" (Be), it came into existence. This is the Power of Allah Ta'ala that He brings into existence without any means.


Once a group of atheists came to Imam Abu Hanifah RA with the intention of killing him. Imam Abu Hanifah RA asked them what they would say about a person who claims that he sees a ship laden with goods sailing on the sea, and it takes the goods from one end to another. This ship navigates the waves perfectly and there is no sailor (captain) to steer the ship. The goods get loaded on and off the ship by itself. They replied that this is such a nonsensical contention that no sane human would accept it. Imam Abu Hanifah RA told them : "Pity upon your intelligence. If a ship cannot sail and operate without a sailor, how can this entire universe operate without an operator?" Upon hearing this all of them were embarrassed and they repented and accepted Islam at Imam Abu Hanifah's hands.


Someone once asked Imam Maalik RA for the proof of a Creator. He replied by indicating towards the face and said that the face of man is small, and yet it consists of eyes, nose, ears, tongue, cheeks, lips, etc. Notwithstanding this, no two persons faces are the same. The voices, mannerisms, habits, etc. of each person is unique. In short, the fact that every person's features and profiles are not alike, nor are their voices, tones, habits and characters alike; proves that all this is definitely the work of a Supreme Creator, Who has blessed each person with his/her own uniqueness, which differs from others. This can never be the work of insensitive matter or molecules.


An atheist asked Imam Shafi'i RA for the proof of a Creator. He said that one must look at the leaves of a mulberry tree. The taste, colour, and smell of all of them are alike, but when a silk-worm eats therefrom, then silk is produced and when a bee eats therefrom, then honey is made and when a sheep eats therefrom, then it ejects it as droppings and if a deer eats therefrom, then it produces musk. All this different things are made from one and the same source. It is obvious that all these different products are the result of an All-Knowing, Most Powerful Creator. These are certainly not the result of 'natural' occurrences. If it were, then the result would have all been the same.

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