Friday, 12 January 2007

The Seal Of Prophethood Of Nabi SAW - 200

The set of posts under this title shall InshaAllah discuss on the qualities of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's 'Seal Of Prophethood', as described by his noble Companions RA. This seal is of great importance, as it is a miracle bestowed by Allah SWT and is a sign of Nubuwwat (Prophethood).

This seal was physically on the Holy body of the Holy Prophet SAW since birth, and this has been stated in the grand treatise explaining the Sahih Bukhari - 'Fathul Bari'.

Therein Yakub ibn Hasan RA relates a Hadith from A'ishah RA that - at the time of the death of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW when some of the Sahabah RA doubted (the Prophet SAW's death), Asma RA proved that there was no Seal of Prophethood anymore on the Prophet SAW's body, and this was indicative that Rasulullah SAW had indeed passed away.

The following posts will InshaAllah discuss on the Seal of Prophethood of Nabi Muhammad SAW.

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