Friday, 12 January 2007

The Noble Features of Rasulullah SAW 114

Abdullah ibn Abbas RA says:

"The front teeth of Rasulullah (SAW)were a bit wide (spread out). They were spaced out and not close together. When Rasulullah (SAW) talked, an illumination emitting from his teeth could be seen."

According to the scholars of Islam, it is a well known fact that it was something similar to the light of nur which emitted from his teeth. With modesty, the head lowers, and smiles with grace. How easy it is for the beautiful to strike like lightning.

Everything of the noble features of Rasulullah SAW was perfect and beautiful. In the manner that is real and intrinsic beauty had reached its last stage, in the same manner his zaahiri (apparent) beauty had also reached its fullest and proper stage. There is indeed no one comparable to Rasulullah SAW. It is said that the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf AS is the beauty of physique, whilst the beauty of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is the beauty of magnificent awe.

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