Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Three Talaqs In One Go - The Moral

Certain liberalists say that the ruling for three talaqs making the divorce permanent is that they are to be said on three different occassions and not three times on a single occasion nullifies the marriage. Their logical explanation is that surely Islam allows tolerance over an angry outburst.

The scholars of Islam have explained on this as follows:

If a husband uttered the word, "Talaq" ("Divorce") three times in one sitting, it will be regarded as three Talaqs. The divorce will be irrevocable.

Obviously, a husband issues divorce in the state of anger. If Islam was tolerant to the anger, then in the first place the divorce should not have taken place. In fact, such a ruling is an eye opener to husbands to contain their anger. If they do not, they will suffer the consequences of not containing their anger and being verbally abusive to the wife.

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