Monday, 11 December 2006

Good Wudhu - One Example

In this discussion, the person making Wudhu will be referred to as mutawad-dhi.

The mutawad-dhi should endeavour to face the Qiblat while making Wudhu. It is best to sit on a raised or high place when making Wudhu in order to be out of reach of water splashing. It is far nobler and meritorious to make Wudhu by pouring water from some container, e.g. a jug. Use of a tap in Wudhu entails great waste of water, and Rasulullah SAW has warned against wasting water even at the river bank.

Making niyyat (intention) of Wudhu, and recite Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim.
(In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

First of all, wash both hands as far as the wrists, thrice, beginning with the right hand.

Thereafter rinse the mouth thrice and use a Miswaak. In the absence of a Miswaak use a coarse cloth to clean the teeth. The use of a cloth is in the Sunnah when a Miswaak is not available, it (cloth) could be regarded as an adequate substitute.

If one is not fasting then gargle as well. Thereafter apply water thrice into the nostrils with the right hand and clean the nose with the little finger of the left hand. If the mutawad-dhi is fasting, water should not be drawn higher than the soft or fleshy part of the nostrils. Wash then the entire face thrice. The limits of the face for Wudhu purpose is from the limits of the hair at the forehead until below the chin, and from ear to ear.

Water must reach below the eyebrows as well. This is followed by making khilaal of the beard(putting fingers through) .

The right hand, including the arm and elbow, should then be washed thrice. Then wash the left hand in exactly the same manner.

This is followed by making masah of the head (the whole head is best).

Then masah of the ears.

Thereafter wash the right foot, including the ankles, thrice; then wash the left foot in the same way. Make khilaal of the toes.

The perfect Wudhu requires that all the Sunnat duaa be recited at the appropriate times during Wudhu and after Wudhu.

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