Monday, 11 December 2006

Good Ghusl - One Example

The following is the Sunnat method of taking Ghusl. Proceed with the Ghusl, step by step, as enumerated hereunder:

1. First wash both hands as far as the wrists.

The hands should not be dipped in the basin of water for washing. Water should either run from the tap on to the hands or poured from a container.

2. Wash the parts of istinja (the private parts and surrounding area). This should be washed irrespective of whether there is najaasat (impurity) or not.

3. Wash the part of the body wherever there be some impurity.

4. Make a full Wudhu now. However, if Ghusl is being taken in a place where the water pools around the feet, then delay the washing of the feet until the end of the Ghusl.

5. After Wudhu, pour water thrice over the head.

6. Thereafter, pour water thrice over the right shoulder.

7. Then, pour water thrice over the left shoulder. The water should be poured in such a way that the entire body is thoroughly drenched.

8. If the feet were not washed at the time of Wudhu, wash them now. While pouring the water, rub well on the body to ensure that all portions are wetted well.

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