Friday, 22 December 2006

The Etiquettes of Sleeping & Resting In Islam 101

Before going to sleep, dust the bed. (Bukhari)

Sleep in a state of wudhu, lying on the right side. (Bukhari)

Do not sleep, lying on the back with one leg resting on the other. (Muslim)

Allah does not like a person who sleeps on the stomach. (Tirmidhi)

Do not sleep on such a roof which has no means of protection on the sides. (Tirmidhi)

It was the practice of Rasulullah SAW to rest in the afternoon. (This will InshaAllah become the means of providing strength to perform ibadah in the night e.g. Tahajjud, etc.)

Recite BISMILLAH while closing (locking) the doors.

Cover all food and drink. If nothing is found to cover these, then place a stick on the top. (Bukhari)

At the time of sleeping always extinguish all fires, as it is your enemy. (Bukhari, Muslim)

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