Thursday, 21 December 2006

Does Allah Care About Me ?

Almighty Allah Ta'ala is our Creator.

We were before this non-existent.

He created us and chose us to be the best and most Noble creation - human beings.

He could have made us an animal, a pig, a dog, etc. or a tree in the jungle with no expectations of eternal enjoyment in Paradise.

We should be thankful to Allah for creating us and making us human beings.

There is no doubt in the existence of Allah.

We should ponder upon Allah's creations - the skies, the mountains, the bright sunlight, rain, fruits, vegetables, etc. And when we ponder upon them and search, then InshaAllah we will find recognition of Allah. Any human being would definitely recognise Allah SWT if he or she is sincere.

The purpose of coming into this World is to express our slavery and subordination to Allah, just as how a slave does to his master.

Allah says: He will test us in very many different ways, and only those that are patient and endure the difficulties and submit to His Will will be successful.

Almighty Allah Ta'ala knows best the condition of every creature.

Allah knows our indepth feelings.

Allah is Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

Allah says in the Noble Qur'an:

"Oh My Slaves! Do not despair. Verily Allah will forgive all sins."

In one Hadith, Rasulullah SAW is reported to have said:

"'If a person has sins equivalent to the foams of the sea and pebbles on a desert, Allah's mercy is so encompassing that He will forgive every sin."

In another narration, it is mentioned that Allah will speak secretly to one of His slaves on the day of Qiyamat and remind him of all his sins. After the person will confess his sins, Allah will say to him:

"I concealed your faults in the world; today too, I will conceal your faults. Go in Jannah, I have forgiven you."

The above mentioned are few of many Ahaadith explaining the extent of Allah's Mercy.

However, Allah says:

"Verily Allah will not forgive a person who ascribe partners (commit Shirk) with Him."

The only sin that is unforgivable is Kufr (disbelief) and Shirk (ascribing partners). Accepting Islam is the only atonement for the sin of Kufr and Shirk. We should anticipate Allah's Infinite Mercy. Allah may forgive all our sins.

So for this, let us associate ourselves with pious people, the scholars of Islam, etc. and constantly request them for guidance.

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