Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Can Muslims Read The Bible To Find Guidance ?

Rasulullah SAW replied to a similar question by some of his Sahabah RA:

"Do you doubt (in your religion) just as the Christians and Jews doubted in their religion (during the time of their Prophets?"

He further mentioned:

"Even if Musa AS was alive today, he would have followed me."

Thus the explanation here is that - even if Musa AS were alive today, for him to obtain salvation in the Hereafter, he would not seek guidancefrom the Taurat (Old Testament).

Even Nabi Isa AS will also follow the Qur'an upon his arrival on earth, how then can one follow the scriptures of Musa AS and Isa AS. They themselves regard the Qur'an andAhadith as their superguide despite being the direct recipients of revelation of the Taurat and Injil.

It is not permissible for Muslims to seek any guidance from non-Muslim sources. The Qur'an and Ahaadith is their only sources of guidance. The only sources of guidance.

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