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Black Magic & Jealousy

Allah SWT says in the 113th Surah of the Qur'an:

"Say, I seek refuge with the Rabb of the Morning from the evil of created things; and from the night when it spreads, and from those who blow into knots (practice secret arts), and from the evil of a jealous person." (Surah Al-Falaq)

Allah SWT says in the 114th - last Surah of the Qur'an:

"Say, I seek refuge with the Sustainer of mankind, the King of people, Rabb of the people, from he evil of the whisperer who withdraws; he who whispers into the hearts of people; from Jin and human." (Surah An-Naas)

A Jew by the name of Labid did black magic on Rasulullah SAW. He took the hair of Rasulullah and made eleven knots into a date and placed it under a rock in the well called Zarwan. The effect of this was that it created uncertainty in the mind of Rasulullah SAW as to whether he had done or not done certain things. At times Rasulullah SAW felt he had accomplished something yet he had not done so and vice versa. Jibril AS informed Rasulullah SAW as to what had occurred and brought the above mentioned two Surahs of the Qur'an. Rasulullah SAW together with the Sahabah RA went to the well and removed the knotted hair. As each Ayat was recited, the knots untied miraculously. At the eleventh knot, Rasulullah SAW was relieved. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

One may wonder, how is it that the Prophet of Allah SAW was affected with black magic? He (SAW) had so much of faith in Allah; how could black magic affect him (SAW)?

The Reality of Black Magic

Jadoo has a natural effect just as the sun has an effect of heat. The Prophets /Ambiyaa AS felt the heat on hot days, they felt hungry when they didn't eat, similarly they could be affected with black magic as well. But this black magic did not and does not interrupt their prophethood status nor was it allowed to interfere with the authenticity of their mission.

This World - A Place Of Cause & Effect

Almighty Allah Ta'ala created this entire universe and he has designed its functions according to the cause and effect procedure. Everything has a cause which subsequently has a natural effect. When the sun shines, it is hot, when snow falls it is cold. Heat and cold are the natural effects of the sun and snow. Similarly, if a person is stabbed with a knife, he will bleed. Bleeding is a natural effect of stabbing. If a person is thrown in the centre of the sea, he will naturally drown if he cannot swim.

A Muslim's Belief

Although this world functions according to the cause and effect procedure but the effect of anything lies in the Will of Allah. If Allah Wills, the effects of causes will exist but, if Allah does not will, then inspite of the means we adopt, the effects will not exist.

Certain incidents have clearly explained this:

Incident 1
Namrud told his people to make a fire to burn Ibrahim AS. After the fire was lit, due to the flames being very high, Ibrahim AS was put on a catapult to be thrown into the fire. Although the effect of the fire is to burn, Ibrahim AS did not burn. This was because it was not the Will of Allah for the fire to be effective.

Allah told the fire:

"Oh fire, be cool and peaceful upon Ibrahim." (Surah 21: Ayat 69)

Incident 2
A knife has a natural effect of cutting; and the cut could also sometimes be fatal. Ibrahim AS passed the blade of the knife on to the throat of his son - Isma'il AS but the knife did not show its natural effect because it was not the will of Allah Ta'ala for it to cut. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

Incident 3
Fir'aun and his army were drowned in the Red Sea but the same Red Sea did not drown Musa AS and his people.

All these incidents clearly indicate that effects of causes are through the Will of Allah Ta'ala. Allah Ta'ala is the One who gives effect to the cause.

Black Magic

"...And they followed what Syaitaan had recited on the Kingdom of Sulaiman (AS), and Sulaiman (AS) did not transgress but the Syaitaans did it by teaching the people Black Magic..." (Surah Al-Baqarah: Ayat 102)

Black magic was common at the time of Sulaiman AS. The Syaitaan used to teach the people black magic. Allah sent two angels, Harut and Marut, as a test to the people. They taught the people the practice of black magic but warned them that they have been sent as a test from Allah, so the people should not abuse this knowledge.

Allah further says in the Qur'an:

"...They (the people practicing black magic) cannot harm anyone but with the Will of Allah..." (Surah Al-Baqarah: Ayat 102)

The Challenge faced by Musa AS and his people against the practice of witchcraft at the time of Fir'aun is mentioned in the Qur'an. Musa AS was victorious.

Allah further says:

"A witchdoctor/person practicing black magic does not succeed wherever he goes" (Surah 20: Ayat 69)

Labid Ibn A'sam practiced black magic (witchcraft) on Rasulullah SAW and he (SAW) was affected for about 6 months, until Surah An-Naas and Al-Falaq were revealed. Thereafter Rasulullah SAW was cured.

The above explanation is clear that black magic is a reality and it has its effects but only with the Will of Allah, just as poison has its effects with the Will of Allah.

Why do people resort to black magic? Generally, people are driven to black magic due to jealousy. When a person has a flourishing business or popular and holds a distinguishing postion in society, etc. this is not openly or easily accepted by others. People desire that those prosperities be taken away from their brother. This jealousy causes a person to harm his brother. His ultimate purpose is to cool his eyes by witnessing his brother's downfall. Thus he stoops to the despicable and Haraam act of black magic to achieve his ambition.

Jealousy is an internal sickness, like pride and anger. If it is not cured, the consequences of jealousy are very dangerous to oneself and the society in general.

The jealous person is actually objecting to Allah's decree like saying:

"Why did You give him wealth, why did You give him position?. Why haven't I been given this wealth and position?"

Such a person needs to strengthen his Imaan on Taqdir. Everything is predestined. When a person is in the womb of his mother, his sustenance, life and position is already written. Everything happens according to the absolute Knowledge of Allah (Taqdir). Such a person must repeatedly remind himself that he is helpless in determining other peoples' affairs. The affairs of people are controlled by Allah Ta'ala.

Let us ponder upon the Hadith on Jealousy -

Abu Hurairah RA reports that Rasulullah SAW said:

"Beware of jealousy, for jealousy eats up good deeds just as fire eats up (burns) wood." (Mishkat)

Zubair RA reports that Rasulullah SAW said:

"The sickness of the previous nations will creep into you, i.e. jealousy and hatred. These sicknesses are shavers; I don't say they shave hair but they shave Deen." (Mishkat)

A jealous person is void of the spirit of Deen. His heart is always filled with enmity and malice. He does not perform any Ibadat. His wish is to harm others.

Rasulullah SAW asked the Sahabah RA:

"Do you know who is a pauper?"

The Sahabah RA replied:

"A pauper is he who does not have a Dirham or Dinar (no money) nor has he any wealth."

Rasulullah SAW said:

"A pauper in my Ummah is he who comes on the day of Qiyamat with Solat, Fast, Zakaat But has verbally abused someone, unjustly eaten another person's wealth, hit someone, etc. (for such a person) his good deeds will be taken and given to the other person. If that person's good deeds are finished, then his sins will be laden upon him and (he) will be put in the Hell Fire." (Mishkat)

A jealous person should ponder upon all these Ahadith and rid himself of the evil of jealousy. If he does not, then jealousy can make him stoop to low levels, to the level of black magic and oppressing / abusing his brother Muslim. Imagine the grief and anxiety caused through black magic. The affected person is oppressed and abused, thus the jealous person is endangering his hereafter. If he only strengthens his Imaan on Taqdir, he could contain himself.

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