Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Shoes of The Prophet Muhammad SAW - Part 1 of 2

The type of shoe that Rasulullah SAW wore, his (SAW) method of putting them on and taking them off, and other matters have been well studied and discussed by the Classical Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. Infact, even the grand 'Aalim of recent times - Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi RA has written in his "Zaad-us-Sa'eed" about the Barakah and Fadhilat of the shoes of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In short, it is no exaggeration to say that that even the Mubarak shoes of the Prophet Muhammad SAW has countless qualities.The Ulama have experienced it many a time. One is blessed by seeing Rasulullah Sayyidina Rasulullah SAW in one's dreams;one gains safety from oppressors; and every heartfelt desire is attained. Every object is fulfilled by its Tawassul (means, petition, request). The method of Tawassul is also mentioned therein. The grand classical 'Aalim - Imam Tirmidhi RA has elaborated many Ahadith regarding this.


Qatadah RA reports:

"I asked Anas (RA) to describe the shoe of Rasulullah (SAW)."

He replied:

"Each shoe had two straps."


During those days, the shoes in Arabia were not of the type commonly known in other parts of the world. They consisted of a leather sole with two straps on them.


Abdullah ibn Abbas RA reports:

"The shoe of Rasulullah SAW had two 'double straps'."


The above Hadith refers to the fact that the shoe of the Prophet Muhammad SAW had two straps, and every strap was made of two strips of leather sewn together.

In the chain of narrators of this Hadith there is a narrator whose name is Khalid Hadh-dhaa. Hadh-dhaa in Arabic means a shoe maker. The Ulama write that this narrator was not a shoe maker, but had an acquaintance with those whose trade was shoe making. Due to his acquaintance and friendship, he was also named (Khalid) Hadh-dhaa, and became known by his name. Even through this indirect information from the oceanful knowledge of the Ulama, we learn that one is surely influenced by and develops the habits and manners of those with whom one keeps company.


'Isa bin Tahmaan says:

"Anas (RA) took out a pair of shoes and showed then to us. They did not have hair on them. Later Thaabit (RA) told me these were the shoes of Rasulullah SAW."


It was common in Arabia that the hair was not removed from the skin from which shoes were made. For this reason the narrator mentioned the hair.


Ubayd bin Jurayj RA asked Abdullah ibn Umar RA the reason for not wearing shoes with hair on them.

Abdullah ibn Umar RA replied:

"I had seen Rasulullah SAW wear and perform Wudhu with shoes that did not have hair on them. That is why I also like this type of shoes."


The reason for asking this question is that at that time - it was not a general practice to wear shoes without hair on them.

Imam Bukhari RA quotes a detailed Hadith, whereby Ubayd bin Jurayj RA said to Abdullah ibn Umar RA:

"I see you observe a few things which the other Sahabah (RA) do not observe!"

Among other question, he asked the reason for wearing shoes with a smooth leather surface. Abdullah ibn Umar RA made strong efforts to follow Rasulullah SAW in every aspect. The others generally wore the common leather shoes with hair.


Abu Hurairah RA relates that the shoes of Rasululah SAW had two straps.

(The above Hadith displays similar content to the others previously quoted.)

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