Monday, 14 April 2008

Deaf Tones Of Imaan

There is one type of crying... people call 'weeping', 'sobbing' etc. Many times, a person absorbed in this type of melancholy tries his might to not show presence of that weeping. Frequently, he will block his face with his hands or he will quickly wipe tears welling in his eyes. Sometimes, he will just turn away, or he will walk away from the crowd.

There is another type of crying...  everybody knows that he is crying. At this level, he does not care anymore - whether people notice him or not. His heart is soaked with emotion and touched by extra-ordinary occurrences that he is seeing. He weeps so excessively that he does not care anymore about how his face looks like, about getting unwanted attention from strangers and all. And at this level, he is only trying his best to maintain reasonable composure - controlling his voice so that he does not interfere with the group's discussion.
I was at Masjid Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday evening. The routine was always for one person - Jama'ah and Proactiveness. Imaan & Sunnah. Taqwa & Piety. Due to unavoidable circumstances in where I parked my car, and where I stood in the saff for Maghrib Solat, I did not get to sit where I usually would sit to listen to the Bayan (talk) every Saturday night. But MashaAllah - it was a blessing in disguise.
By Allah's Will, I was extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to sit with an out-of-the-ordinary Halaqah.
Instead of sitting with the main congregation after Maghrib Solat, I sat with the Deaf and Mute Halaqah. There were about twenty brothers in all. Young and old. New and experienced. Some with full beards, half beards, some clean shaved. Some in jubah and kurta. Some in baju melayu. Some wearing kufiahs and turbans, some - songkoks, some with nothing covering their heads at all.
The deaf and the mute -
They use sign language to communicate.
Physical gestures, as well as facial expressions.
Subhanallah - I have never seen such determination and proactiveness.
I do not know the language of the mute and the deaf, but somehow I can make out what they were saying to each other.
I knew -
...they were 'talking' about Nabi Musa AS splitting the sea by the will of Allah Almighty...
...About how Allah provides Rizq (sustenance) for all His creation...
...About the Mercy of Allah SWT...
...About sacrificing time and making time for Deen and the Effort of Deen...

All in the deaf & mute Halaqah were ever-attentive. Their eyes continuously focused on the main 'translator' translating. When there was insufficient communication due to the speed of information / knowledge from the Bayan (talk) - they would further help each other with sign language to help each other understand correctly and accurately . It was deep silence in the deaf & mute Halaqah, but it was Alive ! Only echoes from the main Halaqah were heard.

And unfortunately, in the main Halaqah you could see people snoozing, chit-chatting, distracted with other things - but the deaf & mute brothers were ever attentive for that whole one and a half hours. May Allah SWT reward their Talab and eagerness. May Allah SWT give me the same.vOutside the masjid, well, healthy people with healthy ears and healthy voices are backbiting, listening to backbiting, swearing, cursing, listening to the same, and all forms of blameworthy evil deeds. Nonsensical talk, excessive talk of dunia, wealth, pride, power and entertainment. Such is the grandeur position of the blind & deaf brothers. Allah Knows best. With what they have, they use it as to what Allah wants from them.

I observed - a deaf father was disturbed by his little son slouching in his lap. The son was bored, listening to the Bayan. The father signaled with sign language to comfort his son - the importance of staying and listening to the Bayan. I could also tell that he was saying - "Please don't leave me in this crowd of thousands, because you will get lost, and when you get lost you will cry, and I will find trouble trying to find you..."
I observed and sensed - at the end of the Bayan - one deaf brother expressed his disappointment, for not having enough money to spend time in the Path of Allah. Another deaf brother comforted him with sign language - "...Allah does not need money as means for you to spend time. You just firm your intentions, and Allah will use you in His Path..."

MashaAllah - every week I try my best to go to this noble place to rectify my Imaan. Last night was my first experience ever - sitting with the deaf & mute Halaqah.

Legendary are the stories of the Da'wah of the deaf & mute. They would go far and wide for forty days, two months and four months and more - inviting people to righteousness and piety, while training themselves for the same. Always - despite having no capacity of speech, and no capacity to listen, they are always successful in preparing other Jamats for rectification of Imaan. In silence, Allah SWT bestows guidance and Hidayat through their facial expressions, movement of fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. Allah SWT is Most Powerful, Most Generous.


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