Thursday, 30 August 2007

Virtues of Ramadhan - Hadith 08

Abu Hurairah RA relates that Rasulullah SAW said:

"Many of those who fast obtain nothing through such fasting except hunger, and many a one performs Solat by night but obtains nothing by it, except the discomfort of staying awake."


With regard to the above Hadith, the scholars of Islam have mentioned three different interpretary explanations:

First, this Hadith may refer to those who fast during the day and then for Iftaar eat food that is Haraam - and thus, all the reward for fasting is lost because of the greater sin of eating Haraam and nothing is gained except remaining hungry.

Secondly, it refers to those who fast duly but, during fasting, engage themselves in backbiting and slandering others.

Thirdly, the person referred to may be one who, while fasting, did not stay away from evil and sin.

In the above Hadith all such possibilities are included. Similar is the case of the person performing Solat all night voluntarily - but because of backbiting or any other sinful act (e.g. missing Subuh Solat or keeping awake for show), his night of devotion goes unrewarded. What a waste. What a shame.

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