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The Marriage of Aishah RA - Understanding Imperative


Okay, I received an enquiry from my beloved friend - Ahmad Suffian. I am answering in English so that this may be put here for the benefit of all Muslims internationally, who wants to read. Bismillah.

Basic Understanding Imperative

In this day and age of stupidity, laxity and lack of understanding of the systematic preservation of Islamic text, there are so-called people who claim to have proven that through research, the Prophet Muhammad SAW's wife - Saiyidatina Aishah RA was not aged nine (9) at the time of her marriage, but was actually - nineteen (19. The main "evidence" for this was that one of narrators (Rawis), due to weak memory - gave false statement.

With the intention of preserving and protecting the tenets of the traditionalist, ya'ni - the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, we will explain clearly in this post. For the sake of brevity, we shall not dwelve into reproducing the narrations here, because this is not a post of displaying Hadith. This is a post to explain and ellaborate based on these authentic narrations, from the Ulama of Taqwa, the Ulama of Haq.

To begin with, we must know this fact:

Aishah RA was married at the age of six (6). The Ahadith pertaining to this are in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. All the narrators of these Ahadith are AUTHENTIC.

A Little About Aishah RA and Her Childhood Marriage

As a brief background, Aishah RA was known for her striking beauty and her formidable memory. She came under the loving care and attention of the Prophet SAW himself. As his (SAW's) wife and close companion, she acquired from the Prophet SAW - such knowledge and insight that no woman has ever acquired.

Aishah RA became the Prophet SAW's wife in Makkah when she was most likely in the tenth year of her life but her wedding did not take place until the second year after the Hijrah when she was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Before and after her wedding she maintained a natural jollity and innocence and did not seem at all overawed by the thought of being wedded to him (SAW) who was the Messenger of Allah SAW whom all his Companions RA, including her own mother and father, treated with such love and reverence as they gave to no one else.

About her wedding, Aishah RA herself related that shortly before she was to leave her parent's house, she slipped out into the courtyard to play with a passing friend:

"I was playing on a see-saw and my long streaming hair was dishevelled" - she said.

"They came and took me from my play and made me ready."

They dressed her in a wedding-dress made from fine red-striped cloth from Bahrain. Then her mother took her to the newly-built house where some women of the Ansar were waiting outside the door.

They greeted her with the words:

"For good and for happiness may all be well!"

Then, in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who was smiling, a bowl of milk was brought. The Prophet SAW drank from it himself and offered it to Aishah RA. She shyly declined it but when he insisted she did so and then offered the bowl to her sister Asma RA who was sitting beside her. Others also drank of it and that was as much as there was of the simple and solemn occasion of their wedding. There was no wedding feast.

Marriage to the Prophet Muhammad SAW did not change her playful ways. Her young friends came regularly to visit her in her own apartment.

Aishah RA said:

"I would be playing with my dolls with the girls who were my friends, and the Prophet (SAW) would come in and they would slip out of the house and he would go out after them and bring them back, for he was pleased for my sake to have them there."

Sometimes, the Prophet Muhammad SAW would say:

"Stay where you are"

- before they had time to leave, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW himself also join in their games.

Aishah RA said:

"One day, the Prophet (SAW) came in when I was playing with the dolls and he said:

"O Aishah, whatever game is this?"

"It is Solomon's horses," I said and he laughed."

Sometimes as the Prophet Muhammad SAW came in, he would screen himself with his cloak so as not to disturb Aishah RA and her friends.

Further Explaining The Evidence of Aishah's RA Age At Marriage Versus Common Western Ideology and Stupidity

So, to again recap, Aishah RA was six (6) years old when she was married to Nabi Muhammad SAW and was nine (9) years when the marriage was consummated.

The doubts about child abuse and paedophilia are merely the ideologies of the Kuffar missionaries and part of their efforts in dishonouring our beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW. The saddest thing is that some of our own Muslim "researchers" have fallen into this trap and searched for "evidence" to porport their claim. What a degradation, Na'udzubillah. AstaghfirullahulAdheem.

The thing is, the research of Islamic history and evidence from Seerah, Qur'an, and Hadith has already been done by the illustrious grand Imams, Muhaditheen and Mufasireen of the past. In analogy - there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The main disease here is lack of affirmation in the heart with regards to our Deen. The medicine for this is Da'wah, which will bring about Imaan, and then reliance, reverence and reference to our Pious Predecessors whose contributions we cannot repay.

One should not allow themselves to be indocrinated by such Kuffar whose primary goal is to poison the minds of people, thus creating an aversion to our beautiful and perfect religion of Islam.

A Taste of History in Brief

During the time of Nabi Muhammad SAW, it was perfectly normal for girls to get married at the age of puberty. We also find that it was a norm in all Semitic cultures from the Israelities to the Arabs and all nations in between.

According to some books of the Jews, it is even more preferable for a woman to be married when she has her first menstruation cycle. In another holy Jewish book, there are rules regarding sexual intercourse with girls who have not yet menstruated. Throughout history, puberty has always been a symbol of adulthood.

Marriage at the early years of puberty was acceptable in 7th century Arabia as it was the social norm in all Semitic cultures from the Israelites to the Arabs and all nations in between. According to "Ha Talmud Ha Bavli", which the Jews regard as their "Oral Torah", "Sanhedrin 76B" clearly states that it is preferable that a woman be married when she has her first menses, and in Ketuvot 6A there are rules regarding sexual intercourse with girls who have not yet menstruated, as mentioned above.

Now, in Chritianity, this is further collaborated when Jim West, ThD, a Baptist minister, observes the following tradition of the Israelites:

"The wife was to be taken from within the larger family circle (usually at the outset of puberty or around the age of thirteen) in order to maintain the purity of the family line."

Furthermore, who are we to complain anyway? Sinful, ignorant, arrogant Muslims? Do we know that there are no records of any objections to the marriage of the Prophet SAW to Aishah RA? Neither his (SAW's) contemporaries - friends or ENEMIES had ever criticised him (SAW) for this. It is extremely unfair for us to judge Nabi Muhamamd SAW by the standards set by the stupid people of today.

Defend and Protect Your Deen. Don't Be A Whimp!

So thus, we currently see the efforts of the Christian missionary activity focused primarily on derailing Islam now more than any other period in history. Thus, we witness numerous travesties and parodies coming from them in their attempts to twist, manipulate and totally abuse historical and etymological facts. These polemics range from a variety of the utterly hilarious to the outright abusive and cruel. One such dishonest and corrupt Christian missionary polemic has been focused to the allegation of the young marriage of Aishah RA with the Prophet Muhammad SAW only. The missionaries try to accuse the Prophet SAW of being a child molester, albeit in politically correct terms, due to the fact that Aishah RA was contracted at the age of six (6) years old and the marriage was consummated (Nikah) a few years after the marriage at nine (9) years old when she was in full puberty.

My brothers and sisters who are sincere:

The lapse of time between the Zawaj and Nikah of Aishah RA clearly shows that her parents were waiting for her to reach puberty before her marriage was consummated. If it were not for the fact that some gullible Christians have been parroting the claims without understanding the reasons behind it, we would have not even bothered with a refutation. Such a claim is based only on conjecture and moral relativism, and not on fact.

Modern Examples To Heal The Polluted Mind

Another important point is that in certain countries like Japan and Spain, the age of sexual consent is thirteen (13) years and twelve (12) years respectively. In the United States of America, men who have sexual intercourse with these women will be termed as paedophile, yet it is perfectly normal in their own countries. Would it be correct for the Americans to label the Japanese and Spaniards as paedophiles according to the US man-made standards? Only a stupid person or an arrogant person will put their head to the ground for such pathetic notions. These are all standards set by the "Western World". We do not blame everyone in them. But those who make the rules, and those who carve the so-called "ideals" of their society.

Do we want to listen to people whose failed Imaan has doomed them for Jahannam forever?

A smile, and a "No!" is the perfect answer.

So brothers and sisters:

Shall we judge our beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW by the standards set by the "Western World" of today or shall we judge by the standards that were set in his own time?

I don't need to explain anymore to this answer. A gesture will do. :)

Simple Scientific Evidence

It is also a proven fact that in those countries which have a hot climate, people mature faster. This further elaborates on the maturity of Aishah RA binti Abu Bakr RA, since the Arabian Peninsula has a very hot climate.

The significance of menstruation that anyone with the slightest familiarity with physiology will tell you is that it is a sign that the girl is being prepared to become a mother. Women reach puberty at different ages ranging from eight (8) to twelve (12) years old depending on genetics, race and environment. We read that there is little difference in the size of boys and girls until the age of ten, the growth-boom at puberty starts earlier in girls but lasts longer in boys. We also read that the first signs of puberty occur around the age of nine (9) years or ten (10) years in girls but closer to twelve (12) in boys.

Women in warmer environments reach puberty at a much earlier age than those in cold environments. As previously mentioned. The average temperature of the country or province is considered the chief factor here, not only with regard to menstruation but as regards to the whole sexual development at puberty. This is scientifically proven.


Puberty has always been a symbol of adulthood throughout history.

Puberty is defined as the age or period at which a person is first capable of sexual reproduction, in other eras of history, a rite or celebration of this landmark event was a part of the culture. Did we know this? Okay - now we know.

The renowned sexologists, R.E.L. Masters and Allan Edwards, in their study of Afro-Asian sexual expression states the following:

"Today, in many parts of North Africa, Arabia, and India, girls are wedded and bedded between the ages of five and nine; and no self-respecting female remains unmarried beyond the age of puberty."

There is more proof, but we don't want this discussion to get too long.

Qur'an & Ahadith

Islam clearly teaches that adulthood starts when a person have attained puberty.
From the Qur'an and the collection of Imam Bukhari RA, we read:

The boy attaining the age of puberty and the validity of their witness and the Statement of Allah:

"And when the children among you attain the age of puberty, then let them also ask for permission (to enter)." (Surah 24: Ayat 59)

The above explains about puberty as well as the Adab of Hijab.


Al Mughirah RA said:

"I attained puberty at the age of twelve."


The attaining of puberty by women is with the start of menses, as is referred to by the Statement of Allah in the Qur'an:

"Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them prescribed period if you have any doubts (about their periods) is three months." (Surah 65: Ayat 4)

Thus, it is part of Islam to acknowledge the coming of puberty as the start of adulthood. It is the time when the person has already matured and is ready the responsibilities of an adult.

So on what basis do the missionaries criticise the marriage of Aishah RA since her marriage was consummated when she had reached puberty???

We also read from the same source that:

Al-Hasan bin Salih RA said:

"I saw a neighbour of mine who became a grandmother at the age of twenty-one."

The note for the reference to the above narration says:

"This women attained puberty at the age of nine and married to give birth to a daughter at ten; the daughter had the same experience."

Conclusions & Summary

There is no need for a summary, but to ease the brain in its mission to convey to others, we have seen that:

1. It was the norm of the Semitic society in 7th century Arabia to allow pubescent marriages.

2. There were no reports of opposition to the Prophet SAW's marriage to Aishah RA either from his friends or his enemies.

3. Even today, there are cultures who still allow pubescent marriage for their young women.
In spite of facing these well-known facts, these sick missionaries would still have the audacity to point a finger at the Prophet Muhammad SAW for immorality. Yet, it was he (SAW) who had brought justice to the women of Arabia and raised them to a level they had not seen before in their society, something which ancient civilizations have never done to their women. Neither of those of today.

Spread this.

And Something Recent for Thought

A news article from The New Straits Times, Malaysia dated 10th of March, 2001 stated about a nine-year old girl living in northern Thailand giving birth to a baby girl.

May Allah SWT give us Imaan and Practice, and respect for Rasulullah SAW, his Sahabah RA, and our Pious Predecessors. Ameen.

Abu Khadijah Damansari.

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