Saturday, 30 June 2007

Ten Important Things - Advice from Mufti

1. When the world was in darkness of inhumanity, Allah Ta'ala gave knowledge and guidance to Rasulullah SAW.

2. The guidance through that Divine knowledge had changed the mindset of people and transformed the evil practices of people to the highest morals.

3. Education and knowledge of Divine guidance is the backbone and foundation of reformation, prosperity and peace.

4. Islam provides guidance and solution for every aspect of life. Ignorance of such knowledge leads one to look down upon Islam and suffer an inferiority complex.

5. When one studies Islam, the Qur'an and Hadith, then only one will value the in-depth wisdom in such knowledge.

6. Muslims are generally ignorant about Islam and that is the fundamental cause of our decline and retrogression.

7. We have to educate ourselves on Islam and rise to the challenges of the times and once again prove ourselves as a dynamic Ummah. For that sacrifice, take out time to study Islam from reliable Ulama and scholars.

8. If you cannot make your son an Aalim of Deen then encourage others to become Huffaz and Ulama. You will get the reward of the person studying and guiding people through his knowledge.

9. If that too is difficult, at least help and assist a person who wishes to study Deen.

10. Rasulullah SAW said:

"When a person passes away all his deeds terminate except three, Sadaqah Jaariyyah (perpetual reward), pious child that makes Du'a for the parents, and knowledge through which others benefit."

(As per advice from Mufti Ibrahim Desai DB, South Africa)

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