Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Children's Corner

The Bundle Of Sticks

There was once a man who had four sons. They were always fighting with each other. Their father was upset with this. He often told them that life would be much better and more pleasant if they learned how to work together. Unfortunately, the four sons did not want to listen to their wise father's advice.

One day, the father decided to show his children something to teach them a lesson. He gathered many sticks together and tied them in a bundle. He then called his sons.

He gave the bundle of sticks to his oldest son and asked:

"Can you break these?"

The oldest boy tried hard to break the bundle with his hands, an then his feet, but he could not break any of the sticks. Each of the sons took turns, but none of them could break even one small stick.

Then the father untied the sticks.

The father then told his sons:

"Now break the sticks."

The sons easily broke the sticks one by one.

The father then told them:

"Do you understand what I have been saying all this time. If you are united, you will be strong, and no one can harm you. But if you fight between yourselves and go your separate ways, your enemy will be able to defeat you."

So dear children, what can we learn from this story?

The lesson we learn from this story is that unity promotes strength.

Allah says in the Qur'an:

"And hold fast all together, by the rope which Allah Ta'ala (stretches out for you) and be not divided among yourself."

Our most beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW also said:

"A Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands other Muslims are safe." (Bukhari)

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