Thursday, 7 June 2007

A Brief Tazkirah On Modesty

The Companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW narrate:

Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri RA says:

"The Prophet of Allah (SAW) was more bashful than a virgin concealed in her veil. Whenever he would dislike something it would be perceived from his face." (Ibn Majah)

Anas bin Malik RA says that the Holy Prophet SAW said:

"Verily, there is a (special) morality of every religion. And the (special) morality of Islam is modesty." (Ibn Majah)

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud reports that the Holy Prophet SAW said:

"Verily, amongst the words people have obtained from the sayings of the past Prophets (AS) is that when you are immodest (unashamed) then do whatever you desire." (Ibn Majah)

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Holy Prophet SAW said:

"Modesty is part of Imaan and Imaan is in Paradise, and obscenity is part of hard-heartiness, (and that) is in Hell." (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

Abdullah ibn Umar RA says that Allah's Messenger (SAW) came upon a man of Ansar who was advising his brother regarding modesty (not to over-do it) .

Allah's Messenger SAW said:

"Leave him alone, for modesty is part of Imaan." (Bukhari, Muslim)

It is narrated that the Holy Prophet SAW said:

"Be modest to Allah as you should be."

They (the Sahabah RA) said:

"O, Prophet of Allah (SAW), by the grace of Allah we are modest to Him as we should be."

The Prophet SAW replied:

"It is not that. Being modest to Allah as one should be is that one should guard his head and what it contains, his belly and what it consists of and that he should continuously remember death and the decaying (of the bones),and whosoever desires the Hereafter should abandon the adornment of the World and should prefer the Hereafter over the World. Whoever does this, he is modest to Allah as he should be." (Tirmidhi)

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