Saturday, 30 June 2007

Abu Lahab - The Father of Flames

Abu Lahab - was one of the most prominent leaders in the Quraysh tribe of Banu Hashim during the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. He was the uncle of Prophet SAW, the brother of the father of the Prophet SAW. When news spread of the birth of the Prophet SAW, he was so overjoyed and prepared a large feast. he also freed one slave. Therefore, his relationship with the Prophet Muhammad SAW was very strong, even before Prophethood.

Dark ages and the manners of Jahiliyah was to prescribe as he became one of the biggest and deadliest enemies of Islam. His turmoil, his torture and his torment towards Muslims increased by the day.

Even his very wife had the same attitude towards the Holy Prophet SAW as he did. She was extremely hostile towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Once the Prophet Muhammad SAW, being the kind and affectionate person he (SAW) was, asked about her health. The Prophet SAW was informed that she was ill. He (SAW) thus decided to pay her a visit. As she knew his (SAW) presence, she immediately and vehemently abused the Prophet SAW in the worst of manners. Nevertheless, the Prophet SAW was calm. Being that being who has been sent as mercy for the whole universe, the Messenger of Allah SAW remained silent. Such brutality and barbaric actions increased to such an extent, that thorns were thrown in the path of the Holy Prophet SAW.

Once Rasulullah SAW climbed up a mountain and stated to the people of Quraysh:

"If I were to warn you of an army behind the mountain that came to attack you, would you believe me?"

The people replied:

"Yes, We find you the most truthful amongst us."

Then the Prophet Muhammad SAW informed the people of Quraysh:

"Punishment of Allah will soon be afflicted upon you. The wrath of Allah will descend upon you if you do not submit to him."

From the crowd, Abu Lahab spoke and exclaimed:

"Damn you! You called us for this? May you be destroyed!"

Following this, Abu Lahab pelted stones at the blessed face of the Holy Prophet SAW till blood flowed down the face of our beloved Prophet SAW.

After that, Almighty Allah SWT revealed the following verse about Abu Lahab:

"Perish the hands of Abu Lahab (The Father of Flames). Perish He! His wealth and his children will not benefit him! He will be burnt in a Fire of blazing flames! His wife shall carry the (crackling) wood as fuel. A twisted rope of Palm-leaf round her (own) neck!" (Surah Al-Masad: Ayat 1~5)

So this was to be the outcome of the most inveterate enemies of Islam, a barbaric wife who tied bundles of thorns with ropes of twisted palm-leaf fibre and straw on dark nights on the paths which the Prophet Muhammad SAW expected to take.

Abu Lahab later perished at the Battle of Badr - The Father of Flames.

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