Thursday, 24 May 2007

Is It Okay To Be Wealthy ? - Part I

To start with, let us begin with some encouraging words from Hadith.

Abu Hurairah RA reports that Rasulullah SAW said:

"Strive in the path of Allah, you will acquire booty (wealth); observe the fast, you will attain good health; and travel, you will become wealthy."

This Hadith has been recorded by Imam Tabrani RA, Hafiz Mundhiri RA as well as Hafiz Al-Haythami RA. These scholars have classified all it's narrators as reliable.


Allah Ta'ala is the Creator and Sustainer of this world and everything that is found in this world. Allah has sent us to this world to test us; and depending on how we live in this world will be the results in the Hereafter. Simple.

All the material aspects of this world e.g. car, house, business, etc. have been created in order for us to pass our temporary life in this world, hence, a necessity that is restricted to the world only. Shari'ah has allowed us to use all the permissible aspects of the world as long as it does not become a hindrance and obstacle for the Deen of Allah. In fact, it would be preferable to make use of these means if it would be promoting and assisting the cause of Deen.

Also, there is no harm in using any of the luxuries of this world if Allah has provided them for ourselves. However, these should not become the priorities of our life and the love of these should not enter our hearts. Preference should always be given to Deen.

Hence, we should reflect on the reality of our worldly possessions.

Nabi Muhammad SAW said:

"When a person dies, then three things accompany him - his wealth, his family and his actions. Two of these return to the world and only one of these accompany him to the everlasting journey from the grave onwards; and that is - his actions."

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