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Haatimasam RA's Words of Wisdom

Haatimasam RA was a famous saint and noble student of Shaqiq Balkhi RA.

Once his Sheikh - Shaqiq RA asked from him:

"Haatim, how long have you been with me?"

Haatim RA then replied:

"Thirty three years."

Shaqiq RA then inquired:

"How much have you learnt from me in this period?"

Haatim RA replied:

"I have learnt eight Mas'alaas (Islamic injunctions)."

Shaqiq RA was upset upon this response and replied:

"Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji'un. My life has been wasted on you."

Haatim RA then replied:

"Sir, I have learnt eight Mas'alaas only. I cannot tell you a lie."

Shaqiq RA asked Haatim RA:

"Tell me what are these Mas'alaas?"

Haatim RA replied thus:

1. "I have seen everyone loves something or another - His wife, his children, his wealth, his friends, etc. but I have seen that when a person is lowered into the grave, then all the objects of his love are separated from him. Therefore, I started loving good deeds instead, so that when I am lowered into my grave, my beloved will accompany me, and not be separated from me even after death."

Shaqiq RA said:

"You have done well."

Haatimasam RA continued:

2. "I have read the words of Allah Ta'ala in the Holy Qur'an.

The Holy Qur'an states - "And as for him who fears to stand before his Lord (for the account) and restrained (held back) himself from low desires, verily the Garden (Jannah) that will be his home." (Surah 79 :Ayat 40~41)

I believe in the truth of Allah Ta'ala's words and therefore stopped my nafs from desires, so much so, that it became steadfast in the obedience of Allah Ta'ala."

Haatimasam RA continued in his explanation:

3. "I have seen that whosoever loves and values a thing of this world, keeps it safely. I have read the words of Allah Ta'ala. The Holy Qur’an says - "That which is with you passes away and that which is with Allah is lasting." (Surah16: Ayat 96)

Because of this verse anything of value that reached me I advanced it to Allah Ta'ala, so that it could be secured forever."

Haatimasam RA further continued:

4. "Viewing the world I have seen some people, turning towards their wealth as a manner of honour and greatness, others turning towards lineage (parentage) yet others do things that become a source of vanity and pride. In the view of the words of Allah Ta'ala, the Holy Qur'an says - "Verily the noblest amongst you in the sight of Allah is the one who is the most mindful of his duties." (Surah 49 : Ayat 13)

I became mindful of the commands of Allah Ta'ala so that I may be honoured in his sight."

Haatimasam RA continued to the next lesson he learnt:

5. "I have seen people taunting (insulting), finding fault and abusing each other. This is motivated (started) by jealousy which they have for one another. The Holy Qur'an says - "It's We who have apportioned (divided) among them their livelihood in the life of the world and we have raised some of them over others in rank, so that some of them may take others in service." (Surah 43: Ayat 32)

If all the people are of equal rank then why will one not work and why should one be employed. This will upset the order of the world. Due to this verse, I have left jelousy. I became independent of the entire creation. I became aware of the fact that the distribution of provision lies solely in the control of Allah Ta'ala. He gives any amount to whomsoever He wishes, therefore I had left animosity (envy). I have understood that man's prosperity is not relative solely to his effort, instead it is a gift from the Master of the Universe, hence I do not get angry."

Haatimasam RA adds on:

6. "I have observed that practicaIly everyone has quarrels and harbours enmity. Having pondered, I saw that Allah Ta'ala has commanded in the verse, (where) the Holy Qur'an says - "Surely, the Shaytaan is your enemy, so treat him as an enemy. (Do not make him your friend)." (Surah 35: Ayat 6)

Thus, I have chosen him as my enemy. I try my best to stay away from him, because Allah Ta'ala declared him as an enemy."

Haatimasam RA proceeds with the points that he has learnt:

7. "I have seen everyone striving for their daily bread, due to this they disgrace themselves infront of others and take unlawful things. Then I read the verseof Allah Ta'ala - "And there is is no moving creatures on earth but its sustenance dependant on Allah." (Surah 11: Ayat 6)

I saw that I am also amongst those walking on the earth whose provision is the responsibility of Allah Ta'ala. I have utilised my time in those activities which Allah Ta'ala has ordained, and gained time by not undertaking the responsibility of Allah."

Finally, Haatimasam concluded together with his finishing point:

8. "I have seen the people depending on the creation, some on their properties others on their business, whereas others depend on their health and their strength. These people inspite of being part of the creation yet show total dependance on the creation. I have read the verse of Allah Ta'ala - "And whosoever trusts in Allah, He is sufficient for him." (Surah 65: Ayat 3)

Thus, I have put my reliance and confidence in Allah."

Shaqiq Balkhi RA said in conformance:

"I have found that all kinds of good actions fall within these eight Mas'alaas, therefore whoever practices these Mas'alaas has put into practice the contents of all four Divine Scriptures."

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