Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Complaint of a Woman

Once a lady approached Saiyidina Umar ibn Khattab RA during his Caliphate.

She said to him:

"Ya, Amirul Mu'mineen (Commander of the Faithful), by day my husband fasts and by night he is diligent in prayer, thus I feel inadequate to complain of him as he is engaged in the obedience of the Almighty."

Saiyidina Umar RA replied:

"What a pious man your husband is."

The complaining lady repeated her complaint.
In reply Saiyidina Umar RA repeated the same reply.

Ka'ab Asadi RA said unto Saiyidina Umar RA:

"Oh Commander of the Faithful, this lady is complaining of her husband due to the fact that her husband remains distant from her bed."

Saiyidina Umar RA replied:

"Just as you have understood her intentions, I feel you should resolve her problems."

Ka'ab RA then said to the lady:

"Beckon your husband to me."

Later then, the husband came forth.

Kaab RA said unto her husband:

"Your wife is complaining of you."

Her husband then asked whether if she was complaining of the shortage in food or drink (in their house).

Hazrat Ka'ab replied:


The lady then continued:

"Oh Chief Justice whose guidance is of great wisdom, his (my husband's) place of worship has busied him; my beloved (is away) from my chamber. Negligent is he unto my bed, the very works of his Ibadah. Hence, Oh Ka'ab make a decision, for he is indifferent be it day or night. His days and nights pass without sleep. Hence, I find he is not praiseworthy within womanly affairs."

The lady's husband replied:

"What has made me lose interest in sharing a bed within her bridal chamber, I am such who has been made to forget due to that which has been revealed. In the Surah An-Nahl (in the Qur'an) and seven other lengthily Surahs. Also the frightening, alarming Surahs of the Holy Qur'an."

Upon hearing the above Ka'ab RA ordered:

"Surely you have to fulfil her rights too. Her rights fall within four days for he who understands. Hence, leave your excuses and bestow her with her rights."

Ka'ab RA continues:

"Verily, Allah Ta'ala has allowed two, three or four woman (for a Muslim man to marry). Thus for you are three days and nights for Ibadah."

Having heard this excellent reply, Saiyidina Umar RA proclaimed (mafhum):

"I swear by Allah that I am confused as to whether the fact that you were able to instantly recognise the true intent of the complaining wife is more astounding or your flair and approach in resolving this matter - which is unknown to me. Be on your way, I announce you the Governor of Basrah as from today."

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