Wednesday, 16 May 2007

The Black Stone - Hajarul Aswad

In the middle of a deserted valley surrounded by mountains, two men were at work. Slowly slowly, brick by brick, they were building the house of Allah Ta'ala. The friend and Prophet of Allah Ta'ala, Prophet Ibrahim AS and his dear son, the grandfather of the Prophet, Prophet Ismail AS were building the Ka'abah, continuously supplicating to Allah Ta'ala, until the Ka'abah stood. The Ka'abah was missing one stone. On seeing this, the Prophet Ibrahim AS instructed his son, Ismail AS to go search for a stone, so that he can put it into the empty space. Ismail AS, obeying his father's orders went searching for a stone, during which time the angel, Jibril AS brought the Hajarul Aswad to Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Allah Ta'ala had placed the stone in Mount Abu Kays, when the great flood occurred in the time of the Prophet Nuh AS, and ordered Jibril AS that when you see my friend making my house, take the stone out for him and give it to him.

Ismail AS then returned, and on seeing the stone he asked, "Oh my father, where did you get this from?" Ibrahim AS replied, "Jibril brought it".

Jibril AS placed the stone in its place, and Ibrahim AS applied the finishing touches. The Hajarul Aswad was sparkling because of its pure whiteness, and it enlightened the north, south, east and west.

It has been related in a Hadith that Jibril AS brought the Hajarul Aswad from Paradise. In another Hadith, it has been said by Abdullah ibn Abbas RA that the Hajarul Aswad and Makam Ibrahim are the two pearls from the pearls of Jannah. They came down from the sky with a Divine Light, and after being placed on the earth their light was extinguished. If Allah Ta'ala had not extinguished their light the two stones would have lit all that which is in between the sky and the earth.

The Hajarul Aswad is that stone, from which millions and billions of Muslims begin their Tawaf. When it first came from Paradise, it was brighter than snow and milk. Its length is approximately one foot and is embedded in the corner of the Ka'abah. Allah Ta'ala has given the stone a special attribute, that if any human kisses, touches or even gives istilam to the stone, it seeks forgiveness of sins for that very human, and on the Day of Judgement the stone will be given a tongue and will give witness for whomsoever has visited it.

It is a little known fact that the Hajarul Aswad - gradually and slowly lost its whiteness and radiance because of the large quantity of sinners kissing the stone. For this apparent reason part of the stone has become black, whilst the embedded part within the structure of the Ka'abah is still white.

A further attribute of this stone is that the Noble Prophet Muhammad SAW has kissed this stone, so whenever anyone touches or kisses the stone, the person is actually kissing or touching the place where the lips of the Prophet Muhammad SAW had touched.

In Makkah, we may obtain reward by getting to the stone and kiss it. This must NEVER be done by pushing, shoving, hurting or causing inconvenience to other people in the Mataf. It is also incorrect to treat those who had treated us badly the same way, with the so-called aim of returning "justice". We should get in touch with the pious Ulama as well as friends who know how to reach the stone with peace and calmness. It should be reminded that kissing the stone is not Wajib, but causing inconvenience to other Muslims is Haraam.

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