Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Quick Hadith 130

Anas bin Malik RA narrates that Rasulullah SAW said:

"A person cannot be a perfect believer until I (Rasulullah) am more beloved to him that his parents, children and all his associates." (Muslim; Qadeemi)


Allah Ta'ala sent down his beloved Rasul, Muhammad SAW as a guide to mankind. Every action shown by him is a source of light and guidance through which people may earn eternal bliss and happiness. Presently, we are witnessing that blessed month of Rabiul-Awwal, in which the great Prophet of Allah SAW was born. Therefore, this month should be a driving force in us in emulating this great Apostle of Allah SAW - be it in his (SAW) outer appearance, his (SAW) character or any face of his (SAW) life.

Verily, unjust is that person who shouts slogans of love for him, but lacks in following him.

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