Saturday, 7 April 2007

Quick Hadith 128

Aus ibn Aus RA is reported to have said:

"I heard Nabi (SAW) saying:

'He who takes Ghusl (a bath) on the day of Jumu'ah (Friday Prayers) and does a proper Ghusl; comes early to the Masjid; walks; sits close to the Imam and listens attentively without doing any useless actions, he will earn a reward of one year's fasting and one year's worship for every step that he takes towards the Masjid.' " (Mutajir; Nahda)


Can there be anyone else to blame for not stretching out our hands to grab from the treasures of the Almighty than our own souls?

One complete year's reward of fasting and another complete year's reward of standing in worship at the price of a mere FIVE simple actions, what a bargain !

a) Proper Ghusl;
b) Come early;
c) Walk to the Masjid;
d) Sit close to the Imam; and
e) Listen attentively.

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