Monday, 2 April 2007

Quick Hadith 123

Rasulullah SAW said:

"The example of a believer is like that of a date palm, every part of it is of benefit to you."

This Hadith has been classified as authentic by Hafiz ibn Hajar RA.


The Ulama, in the light of this and other Ahadith - have explained that a date palm is such that - benefit is derived from it at all times.

While it is alive and standing on its roots, by the different types of dates that it bears - infact the date palm begins bearing dates from the very beginning stages too, and as well as when it is dead and uprooted.

Every portion of it is used up, i.e. the seeds of the dates are crushed and used for fodder, the leaves for the making of ropes, the bark for wood, etc.

Similarly a true Believer, people benefit from his knowledge, his/her good character and truthful dealings while he/she is alive and his charitable works as well as his/her knowledge even after he/she leaves this world. People still act upon what he/she taught them and what they learn from his/her books and writings.

Another lesson derived from the above Hadith is the benefit of explaining something through an example for a clearer understanding. Rasulullah SAW used many examples to facilitate the Sahabah RA's comprehension of a certain issue or lesson. The use of examples is also used in madrasahs and darul ulums to test students and gauge their level of understanding.

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