Thursday, 5 April 2007

An Admonition by Abdullah bin Abbas RA

Wahab bin Munabbah RA says:

"Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) lost his eyesight in his old age. I once led him to the Haram in Makkah, where he heard a group of people exchanging hot words among themselves. He asked me to lead him to them. He greeted them with 'Assalaamu'alaikum'.

They requested him to sit down, but he refused and said:

'May I tell you about people whom Allah holds in high esteem? These are those whom His fear has driven to absolute silence, even though they are neither helpless nor dumb. Rather they are possessors of eloquence and have power to speak and sense to understand. But constant glorification of Allah's name has so over-powered their wits that their hearts are overawed and their lips sealed. When they get established in this state, they hasten towards righteousness. Whither have you people deviated from this course?

After this admonition, I never saw an assembly of even two persons in the Haram."

It is said that Abdullah bin Abbas RA used to weep so much with Allah's fear that the tears streaming down his cheeks had left permanent marks on them. In this narration, Abdullah bin Abbas RA as prescribed a very easy way to righteousness. This is to meditate over the greatness of Allah. If this is done, it becomes very easy to perform all other acts of righteousness with full sincerity.

Is it so very difficult to devote a few minutes, out of the twenty four hours of a day at one's disposal, to this spiritual meditation?

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